Character- Ultimate

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Mark Jagger
Hair: Black
Eyes: Left brown, right discoloured
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: 25
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


When Mark Jagger was 8, he witnessed his parents, Jake and Allison Jagger, die at the hands of a man he later learned was called Xavier. Xavier had once been a member of the Gageport police force along with his friend Jake Jagger. It was during that time that Xavier courted Allison and fell madly in love with her.

But not all was well within the police force, as the city's seedy underworld had corrupted the system within. Many on the force accepted bribes to make certain evidence disappear and Xavier was one of those caught up in it.

Allison soon noticed a change within him. He often had fits of rage and became paranoid. Fearing for her safety, she left Xavier and took company with his friend Jake Jagger.

Xavier felt betrayed but his paranoia kicked in when he heard of a planned drug bust at the city docks. He knew that they were talking about his drugs. He and a few others had developed a street drug, the T-19. It dissolved on skin contact making the hit quicker and more effective. 

He was in the process of moving his drugs when the police task force arrived and his friend Jake arrested him. Their friendship ended that day, but it was not the last they would hear of Xavier.

Xavier belonged to The Order of the Blood, a secret society with connections to the supernatural and unknown to him, Allison had been pregnant with his child, Mark, when she left him. It would turn out that Mark shared his father's bloodline.

Allison kept that secret to her grave and Mark believed that Jake had been his father. But on the anniversary of his parents' death, 15 years later, Mark learned the truth about his origins. He went to his parents' grave site and there in the shadows stood Xavier. Mark recognized him and lunged at him. The two fought fiercely but Xavier was ready and took out a bag of T-19. Xavier poured some into his gloved hand and blew it into Mark's face. While Mark cried in pain, Xavier made his escape.

The drug had burned the right side of Mark's face and discoloured his eye but it also reacted with his supernatural bloodline. Mark soon realized that he was virtually immortal when he saw that cuts and wounds he received healed almost instantly.

Mark's unique abilities became an interest to a top secret government group called A.S.H., and he was eventually recruited by Commander Carter who put together a team of super powered humans. Jagger took part in many missions but Commander
Carter felt Mark's abilities could be put to even better use. 

Project Ultimate was born and Mark was forced to cooperate. Fastened to a chair, Mark was subjected to a mind altering program and made into a killing machine. 


Healing factor/Regeneration: The T-19 drug and his bloodline from the Order of the Blood make him immune to major injuries due to his rapid rate of healing. The speed at which he heals depends on the type of wounds he has received.  Gunshots and stab wounds heal faster than dismembered limbs.

Super strength: He is strong enough to crush a human skull with one hand (which is his trademark death move). He never tested his lifting strength but he can snap a logger chain with one hand.

Berserker: After having been brainwashed by the secret government organization A.S.H., Jagger can go into full kill mode. When he does, he enters a murderous rage killing everything in sight until his mission is complete. His A.S.H. teammate Sunshine has to use her charm mind power to break Jagger from the trance. He has no recollection of his actions while he is in kill mode. 

Weaknesses: His compassion, especially when his friend Heather is nearby. While trying to protect her. He tends to get distracted when she is in peril.