Character- Mr. X
mr x

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Xavier McGenis
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Both eyes discoloured
Height: 6 foot

Age: 45
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Xavier McGenis was one of Gageport's finest police officers. He took pride in his work and was very sociable. Among his comrades were his good friend Jake Jagger and his mentor Sgt. Michael O'Brien. Sgt O'Brien had a daughter, Allison, and Xavier soon fell in love with her.

Xavier had a keen eye for police work, which fed into his pride. A pride that lead him down a dark road to a career in crime. With every arrest Xavier made, he kept a mental note of how he would have prevented being captured had he been in the criminals' shoes. And as his skills at anticipating criminals' moves got better, so did his skills at profiting from the system. With bribe money coming in, Xavier slowly immersed himself within the criminal underground and he soon became the major supplier of a new modified street drug designed to make him filthy rich.

During that time, Allison noticed a change in Xavier and eventually turned to Jake for comfort. She left Xavier and married Jake.

Xavier also discovered that his bloodline flowed from an ancient secret society with connections to the supernatural. Known as the Order of the Blood, each of the 4 main branch families are associated with its own supernatural creatures. The Flame family is associated with demons, the Spirit family with spectres, the Night family with undead and the Fang family with werewolves.

Xavier was one of those mixed breed having abilities from the Spirit and Night families and it was due to this strange condition that his abilities kicked in. It happened when Gageport police department raided his warehouse where he kept his new T-19 drug. Xavier came face to face with his friend Jake Jagger who tackled him into a crate of T-19. As Xavier's face was buried in the drugs, it was burned and his eyes discoloured. But the drug also entered his system and reacted with the supernatural qualities of his blood.

Xavier was brought to a local medical facility for treatment but before the physician could treat him, Xavier disappeared. He returned years later to exact vengeance against those who had betrayed him and killed his ex girlfriend Allison and his best friend Jake.

Jake's son, Mark, had witnessed the murder but Xavier let him live. In time, Mark learned the truth about Xavier. He learned that Jake had never been his father, Xavier had been and when Mark decided to confront Xavier, history repeated itself, when Mark was also changed by the T-19 drug. Under the name, Ultimate, Mark and Xavier confronted one another on many occasions and would continue to do so.

Xavier is the leader of his Order and also has control over the Gageport underworld of organized crime. All the crime bosses answer to him and Xavier is willing to sacrifice minions for his greater good.


Healing factor/Regeneration: Xavier's wounds healed instantly. The T-19 drug and his bloodline from the Order of the Blood make him immune to major injuries due to his rapid rate of healing. 

Super strength: He was strong enough to rip steel crate and bars barring the window for his escape. 

Weaknesses: Xavier's ego seems to get the better of him. He likes to gloat but when he finds himself cornered or over powered, he tends to cower and retreat.