Character- Jinniyya

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Other appearances:

Heroineburgh Comics #2, #3

Episodes 10, 13

Episodes 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22

Jinniyya live version


Real Name: Zaynab El-Bahri
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Age: 32

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Dr, Zaynab El-Bahri is a brilliant pioneer in the scientific field of alternative energy, specializing in more efficiently harnessing wind power. Her business partner and best friend is the engineer and Afghani immigrant Darsha Bukhari, who is secretly the superheroine Darbouka.

Zaynab also frequently works shifts in the family restaurant, helping out her mother. She keeps in shape as an expert performer of bellydance. She is a Lebanese Arab Christian, also known as Maronite Catholic.

When the dark-energy meteor exploded above the Steel City, Zaynab was exposed to its radiation and it altered her genes. She discovered that she could control the movement of air up to hurricane force winds, and that ability also allowed her to fly. Her muscles also grew incredibly dense, granting her amazing strength.

Consulting with her sister Samira, the newly empowered scientist designed a costume which showcased her ripped abdominals but presented her as a modern Arabic superwoman. She called herself Jinniyya, the term for a female djinn spirit.

Her initial heroic outing was against Darbouka herself, who had been temporarily turned evil by the Quingpin. After that, Jinniyya has gone up against the likes of Sintilla, Stellara, and Quingpin's deadly robots, but her most implacable foe has been Devorra, the Queen Bee.

Jinniyya was active in the founding of the Pittsburgh Heroine League, and is currently the group's chairperson during their regular meetings. She is one of only two heroines who fly into the headquarters through the rooftop door, along with Poderosa.


Jinniyya has the ability to control and redirect air currents up to hurricane force wind speeds.

Flight: She can use air currents to get airborne and propel herself at speeds approaching 200 mph. 

Elemental blast: 
She can spin rapidly in the air to form air funnels and send blasts at her enemies.

Enhanced vitals: Her strength has been increased to about 20 times that of a normal woman, and her body can withstand moderate physical impact, especially in highly muscled areas. 

Weaknesses: She is still susceptible to injury and knockout through sustained physical impacts or energy blasts.

Vulnerable to gas attack or asphyxiation, and can be overwhelmed through simultaneous assault from multiple opponents.