Character- Killer Sting
Killer Sting

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: 
Battle Royale: Speed Kills 

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A.K.A.: The Hornet
Name: Rachael Meadows

Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 2 inches (at full size)
Hair: Red
Age: 26

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


As the High-Flying Hornet, Rachael Meadows was making a name for herself in the superhero world. She even had a few high profile team-ups and was considered for joining The Paragons. However while investigating rumors of corporate corruption and criminal activities in Davis Industries she was captured by Melissa Davis, a.k.a. Mistress Menace and was ruthlessly tortured and experimented on.

For over a year the torture continued. The rest of the world assumed the young heroine to either be dead or retired, and most gave up hope of searching for her. Only a handful still searched.

With her mind shattered from the pain and hopelessness, she was easily convinced that no one cared about her and was enticed to join the villains that she had once fought against. The Hornet was no more, there was only Killer Sting.


Size changing: Able to shrink in size to as small as a fruit-fly. As she shrinks she retains all strength and stamina that she had at full size, allowing her to interact with objects at a diminished stature with little to no difficulty.

Super strength: Her strength is normal when she is full-sized but when she is small, she can hit you with the same force concentrated in a smaller area or single point, causing excruciating localized pain. Also, to the denizens of the micro world, her strength is of god-like proportions since she can still lift 125 lbs, which represents thousands of times her weight.

Miniaturization: Killer Sting is able to shrink certain objects but this effect is limited to objects she is wearing, unlike Micron, who can shrink any object he holds.

Venom: Able to generate a "Venom Blast" from the mechanical gauntlets provided by Mistress Menace. 
 They are also used as a dispenser for a wide varieties of poisons used to incapacitate or kill her foes.

Energy blast: The gauntlets can also dispense a concussive force that is variable, based on how much energy is charged before release,

Flight: Her wings are a natural product of her power. They enable her fo fly at speeds up to 100 mph regardless of her size.

Weaknesses: Being a brainwashed heroine, Mistress Menace has to keep a close eye on her to ensure she doesn't start to remember what she used to be or break free of her control.

While still maintaining her full strength in her shrunken state she still has less body mass allowing her to be swept away easily.

Paraphernalia: Her venom gauntlets can charge and release destructive energy. They also works as a carrier for various toxins with multiple uses.

Her goggles can switch to various vision modes such as IR, thermal, as well as computer targeting/layouts.