Character- Kristinara

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Kristinara full body

Real Name: Kristinara
Hair: Purple with red streaks
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot 1 inches 
Age: 1500
Born in: Hellgard

Ethical alliance: Evil


Kristinara is the daughter of Xareton, a powerful Demon Emperor. Xareton rules a hellish dimension called Hellgard but Kristinara's dreams is to, one day, surpass her father and rule Hellgard herself.

As is to be expected, the demons of Hellgard fear and respect the Demon Emperor, but that fear and respect does not extend to the Emperor's daughter. Kristinara has many enemies most of whom hate her and call her a spoiled brat, but she has little concern for their lack of respect. She knows that one day, she will be the one to rule and when that day comes, she will deal with them appropriately. In the meantime, she has more entertaining things to occupy her.

The world of humans can offer so much pleasure. Weak of flesh but strong in spirit, humans are an interesting lot. Harboring strong emotions and hidden desires, they make the perfect toys for those willing to exploit them and Kristinara was as willing as could be.

The world of humans became her playground. Seducing her unsuspecting victims, and converting them into succuae slaves gave Kristinara untold pleasures, but then she met Morganna. The half human/half demon had stirred an intense desire within her and as she had done countless times, Kristinara tried to seduce and convert her, but Morganna was not easily turned.

Kristinara developed a strange obsession with Morganna, hating her but also desiring her and over time, Morganna became as much a foe to dispatch as a prize to conquer. The two clashed often and Kristinara came close to enslaving her on more than one occasion, but Morganna always managed to thwart her plans.

Kristinara eventually turned to another for assistance and formed an alliance with Elizabeth, Morganna's sister. Also known as the Shadow Queen, Elizabeth harbored an all-consuming hatred for her sister. Kristinara hoped that their combined hatred would eventually enable her to claim her prize.


Corruption: Kristinara can seduce and convert humans into Sucubae slaves.

Energy blast: Kristinara can fire red demonic energy from her hands.

Super strength:
Her demon physique enables her to lifting weights in the 100,000 ton range.

Enhanced reflexes: She has enhanced reflexes and is capable of dodging bullets and energy blasts.

Flight: When she assumes full demon form, Kristinara can grow wings to use for flight and attain speeds of Mach 10.

Healing factor: Like most demons, Kristinara can heal wounds quickly.

Summoning: She also has the ability to summon other demons to help her in battle.

Shape shifting: Kristinara can blend in the human world by shape shifting into anyone.

Venom: Her nails secrete poison capable of making her victims pass out.

Life drain: As a succubus, Kristinara has the ability to drain her victim’s soul.

Weaknesses:  Kristinara is vulnerable to holy items and can also be harmed by superior magical beings. In addition, Kristinara is also very arrogant and spoiled.

Paraphernalia: Kristinara uses whips as a weapon.