Character- Kwizzik

Created by: Ken Merritt

Other Picture: Kwizzik full body

Real Name: Kwizzik
Hair: None
Eyes: Green
 7 Foot
Age: 106 (Earth years)
Born in: The Planet Orimn Minor

Ethical alliance: Good


Kwizzik was a scientist on Orimn Minor who was commissioned to create a new kind of starship engine. He conceived what he called a quantum reflux drive, a device that could harness ambient energies and redirect them as ionic propulsion. This would allow for faster than light travel and could prove to be a milestone ahead of his people's current Hyper flux drives.

However because the process for creating the solidified ionosis was incredibly dangerous, world shattering in fact, Kwizzik was instructed by his government to lead several ships out and attempt construction far from their own system.

They decided to establish a temporary outpost above the third planet of a nearby system.  

Everything seemed to be going as planned but, just as the last of the ions coalesced into a solid state, disaster struck. The quantum containment field holding the raw energy at bay failed, resulting in a massive release of power that destroyed Kwizzik's ship. He barely escaped and made it to an escape pod where he could do nothing but watch as his life's work plummeted to the alien planet below.

He informed his people that the new technology was far too dangerous to be left to the inhabitants of the world onto which it had fallen. The blue planet was filled with savages who had a rudimentary knowledge of technology. If they were to come into contact with the damaged drive, it could prove catastrophic.

In order to prevent such a fate, Kwizzik fired on the planet right at the spot where the debris had fallen. He ordered his remaining ships to scan the planet for any signs of a massive ionic surge. The scans picked up one such trail.  It was moving away from the planet towards Kwizzik's ships.

As he had feared, one of the sentients from the planet below had come into contact with then Quantum Drive. The alien had somehow assimilated the device and was now emitting an enormous ionic signature.

Kwizzik ordered a full out attack on it.

The being battled with the remaing three ships easily disabling two them but, by polarizing an Ionic beam, Kwizzik was able to subdue the being long enough to speak to him. The Earthman called himself Jack.

Kwizzik explained to the Earthman what had happened. He told him that his world could still be potentially in danger because the ionic residue from the Quantum Drive was still present on the planet. He also told him that they had detected a strong bio signal. It had appeared at the same time that Jack had assimilated the device. But worse, the bio signal was moving, growing and leaving destruction in its path. 

The Earthman pleaded with Kwizzik that since he was the one responsible for the disaster, he had to help his planet. Kwizzik said he would consult with his people but when he tried to reason with them, they refused and bid Kwizzik to leave Earth to its doom.

Feeling responsible, Kwizzik decided to stay and help as best he could and in doing so was branded a Heretic by his own society and cast out. He was stripped of station and rank.

He literally lost everything to make amends for the world he put in peril.

But now that Jack, or as he is now called StarJack has left the planet, Kwizzik will do what he can to rectify his mistake. He will to stop the new threat the Earth is facing. He will stop this BioMass.


Enhanced vitals: As an Orimn, Kwizzik has a higher degree of physicality than an average human. 

Extended life span: Orimn are an extremely long lived species usually reaching middle age at around ten thousand Earth years. As such, their perception of time is much different than humans.

Space travel: Due to the adaptive technologies aboard his ship, Kwizzik has altered his own genetic structure many times, as is common among the space faring caste of his people, and as a result, Kwizzik can survive the vacuum of space unprotected for prolonged periods.

Heightened senses: Kwizzik also has many natural senses that go beyond that of humans as well as the ability to auto-metabolize most organic matter.

Telepathy: His most note worthy ability is his telepathy. He can easily dominate most human minds.

Weaknesses: Kwizzik has the same weaknesses as a human in peak physical condition with only a few exceptions.

Paraphernalia: Kwizzik has a large arsenal of alien tech aboard his remaining ship. This includes robot drones, guns, various restraints and scientific equipment of varying use.

Appearance: Kwizzik can dominate most human minds and cloud perceptions as to appear physically as anything he chooses.