Level Hierarchy

          Level hierarchy situates the character's overall position in the database. Since each of the character's
          stats influences the overall level, a character's position in the lower ranks, by no means, diminishes the
ability to defeat someone of a higher level. Naturally, a level 50 character would likely have
          little chance against 
a level 80 character but depending on what his strengths were, anything is possible.


aCry FowlDead MistressFinish Line  
          Jill O`LanternMistress VelvetNocturneSnowMaidenswarmThe Ace

          white monk


          BadzGrey FoxInquisitor DizLex MorganNebula

          brawlDetroit Justicefire girlLady DarkStormSiberius
stool pigeonTrapezeUltimatevipera


          Dr FrostFeral KatPreyin MantisRo-BowtixSantana  

          Silver GhostSoul walker