Character- Lisa Johnson
Lisa johnson

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Lisa Johnson 
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Age: 16
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Lisa Johnson is Heather Johnson's younger sister and also the fourth Madam Guardian after her brother Rick and his wife Delia. Unlike Heather, Lisa has somewhat of an attitude. She speaks in gruff tones and always treats her boyfriend Calvin like an obedient follower and usually threatens to break up with him if he shows late or does something stuipid. But she loves him. She is not afraid to go head first into things with fists a blazing.

She was trained to fight by her grandfather Sgt.O'Brien. Mike decided to make his youngest granddaughter the fourth Madam Guardian since progress was moving quite quickly to the point he believed she was born to do this.


Stealth/speed: Lisa's combat speed is amazing for dodging and attacking. Her stealth is quite remarkable too. 

Martial arts: Mike trained Lisa in the art of shinobi to make her Madam Guardian training complete. Lisa is also a skilled ribbon dancer and uses some of the techniques as Madam Guardian to entangle her opponents.

Weaknesses: Though the Madam Guardian costume has bullet proof armor and a gas mask. She is still vunerable to energy blasts from super beings. But she can counter that by hiding in the shadows and plotting a counter attack against her foe.

Paraphernalia: Lisa is a walking weapon and can make use of anything in reach to incapacitate her opponent. In the Madam Guardian costume, she loves using the ghostly bandages to wrap her victim in. Once caught in the bandages, she will use her foes' fears against them.