Character- Sgt. O'Brien
Sgt OBrien

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Mike O'Brien
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: 65
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Mike O'Brien was one of Gageport finest police officers. He was promoted to Sargent and was beloved by his officers. Mike also mentored two upcoming officers, Jake Jagger and Xavier McGenis. The three were tight like the Musketeers.

With the corruption growing in Gageport, the police department also took a hit. Officers were being paid off by the crime lords and Mike knew he had to do something about that. When he heard rumours of large drug exporting ring by the Gageport docks, he sent a task forced lead by Jake Jagger to bust the drug ring. As it turned out that Jake learned that that Xavier was part of the drug rind and arrested him. 

Years later, Xavier murdered Jake and Allison Jagger and left their son Mark orphan. Mike took him in, being his legal guardian, and introduced him to his granddaughter Heather who came visiting on various weekends. When Heather wasn't visiting, Mike was training Mark to become the 5th member of a special team. The five were to give life to a new vigilante called Madam Guardian.

Mike took the story of Madam Guardian and turned it into reality. Posing as her, he fought to eliminate those who opressed the city, but to make the legend even more surreal, Mike trained four others to assume the role as well.

His first two students were his daughter Chelsey and her husband Derek. Once Derek and Chelsey left Gageport, the duty fell on their oldest son Rick and his wife Delia. Mike also trained his youngest granddaughter Lisa.

Because Mark is also Ultimate, he has never worn the Madam Guardian disguise. He is kept in standby to be called upon as a last resort.


Martial arts: Mike studied most forms of martial arts from his years at police force and the military. In the military he met Carter who would one day command a secret government task force called  A.S.H..

During his martial arts training, he learned the arts of shinobi so he could make the legend of Madam Guardian alive. He learned to hide and fight in the shadows.

Weaknesses:  Mike is a skilled martial artist but against super beings like Xavier, it may be difficult for him to handle.

His pride is also his weakness. Even when faced with defeat, he will keep scratching and fighting to find a way to win.