Character- Madam Guardian
Madame Guardian

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Unknown but many believe it is Freda Jacobs
Hair: Black
Eyes: None (black)
Height: Varies (5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot 2 inches)

Age: Unknown
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


The story of Madam Guardian began during simple times. Gageport was a haven for criminals and a lonely woman named Freda Jacobs wanted to take up a fight to protect her beloved Gageport. She held town meetings encouraging the citizens to fight back against the criminals and the police feeling powerless against the crime wave used Freda Jacobs' inspiration to combat the criminals all over the city.

The crime lords of Gageport felt that Freda's antics were making them lose their grip on the city and something had to be done about it. So they order a hit on her. She was murdered in a back alley by two thugs but before dying she cursed all those who corrupt her city that they would die by her hands.

The crime lords laughed at the curse but the laugher didn't last long. They soon saw unexplained hits on members of their organizations. A great number of bodies were showing up in alleys behind their hideouts and criminal businesses and soon, rumors sprung up about a phamtom guardian terrorizing the underground.

In fact, it was Police Sgt Mike O'Brien behind all of this. He had decided to build on Freda's Legacy and created the persona of Madam Guardian. He and members of his family began dressing up as Madam Guardian and struck criminals simultaneously throughout the city. This caused the population to start believing that Freda Jacob had returned as Madam Guardian and that she was supernatural in nature.

Criminals began to fear her and myths started to spread about her various so-called abilities. Some said she could teleport all over the city. Some said she could fly. Others swore that her gaze could induce paralyzing fear and that one look at her in the dark meant certain death.

They had laughed at Freda's curse, but now, the laughs had turned to fear. 


Gaze: Madam Guardian uses the greatest mind power of all, fear inducing death or so many believe. Just one look of her in the dark means certain death.

Symbiotic: In actuality Madam Guardian is five people. Those five people are Sgt. Mike O'Brien, Richard Johnson and his wife Delia, Lisa Johnson and a fifth guardian in training... Mark Jagger, a.k.a. Ultimate, who is the final guardian.

Martial arts: As a whole, Madam Guardian seems to know many forms of fighting due to the fact that each of her impersonator has his own set of skills.

Weaknesses: Madam Guardian is as mortal as everyone. She is given life by five different people but were her secret found out, she would lose all of her power.

The five people dressing up as Madam Guardian wear a bullet proof vest under the costume. The mask they wear acts as gas mask filter blocking most fumes and gases. Her weapon of choice is her ghostly bandages coming to life and wrapping themselves around its victim like a python and squeezing the life out of them.