Character- Mask

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Mask
Hair: Yellow
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: Unknown
Country of Origin: Planet Mars

Ethical alliance: Evil


When A.F.M. High Command wanted Earth to fall to his rule, he wanted his best weapon creature on this mission. Mask is a high ranked offical on A.F.M. High Command's elite force. His rise to rank didn't come from military planning or might. He is an inventor. He creates special weapons for the A.F.M. army. With his high IQ and knowledge of alien science and technology, he creates weapons and inventions that aren't humanily possible.


Enhanced intelligence: Mask's true power is his brain. Capable of inventing Disintegration rays, Body Switching Ray, Lust Obsession rays, Net guns, Lust attraction rays, to name a few.

Mask also created an intertransporter beam that made retreiving idviduals from other universes and vice a versa. Mask also used his transporter beam to transport Lex and rex into the Samurai Gals TV she created

As great as his created weapons are, they often have non-desired effects than expected. His disintegration rays made Lex and Rex super strong. The body swtching ray did not cause madness and the transporter beam brought Mark Jagger (aka Ultimate) and Heather Johnson from the Jagger series in hopes to destroy Lex and Rex but instead they joined them.

With backfiring weapons, Mask is left open for retaliation attacks which ofen ends up with him getting beat up.

Without his weapons, Mask is easily defeated because hand to hand combat is his achilles heel.