Character- Macabre Hombre
Macabre Hombre

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

First appearance: 

Real Name: Jose Verdon 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Age: 28

Country of Origin: Mexico

Ethical alliance: Evil


Jose was a shaman who delved in black magic. His people from the native American Olmeca culture, believed they could summon Beelzebub and tap into his dark power. Jose himself had never actually done so and was as much a pretender as those who had come before him, but once in a while, things did manifest, making him and his people believe that he had indeed summoned that dark power. But when trouble started brewing in Europe and WWII erupted, Jose began having nightmares and visions.

He could feel the presence of Beelzebub telling him to join the Axis powers. He could see the deaths and destruction that these would bring forth and Beelzebub wanted him to be part of that fight. 

But Mexico had not yet been taken in by the conflict and from all indications, Mexico was siding with the Allies. If in time they decided to join the war, his country would be on the side Beelzebub was against. That would not do.

Jose left Mexico for the mother land. Spain would probably be siding with the Axis powers and this is where he needed to be. He had many high ranking friends in this country. Surely they could be swayed to have him be a part of this war. Unfortunately, the ruler of Spain, General Franco, refused to fight against the Axis powers. He was content in supplying them military supplies but he would not enter the war proper and when Jose insisted that it was the wrong thing to do, General Franco had him arrested and locked up.

For almost a year he was incarcerated and one day he received a visit from a man calling himself Mr Okada. He had come from Japan and as the Emperor's envoy, he too had come to ask Franco to reconsider, but Franco would not. Franco did tell him that if he wanted eager recruits, some were locked up in his prisons and he could have his pick. He even said that one of them claimed to be a powerful shaman.

When Mr Okada saw Jose, he asked him what he could bring to the war. Jose told him that he wanted nothing more than to fight for the Axis and that he was a powerful shaman sent here by Beelzebub himself.

Intrigued, Mr Okada asked him to show the power he spoke of, but when Jose cast a few spells, Mr Okada wasn't impressed. To him, they seemed to be nothing more than parlour tricks. Okada, angry with having wasted his time, issued him a final warning; to impress him or die.

Jose knew that what he needed to do required more then the simple rituals he had done in the past. Chicken and goat sacrifice would not be enough this time, he would need to up the ante. He told Okada that he needed three people, just to be safe. Okada obliged him and had no trouble finding some. There were plenty of prisoners around.

Jose also asked to have his scrolls returned. They had been confiscated when he had been jailed. Mr Okada complied but warned him not to try his patience and that if this proved to be another waste of his time, he would not live to tell about it.

Jose wasn't worried. This time he knew it would work. He was a shaman and he had the skills, he just never had the gall to try a human sacrifice before. This time he would have no choice.

He read from the ancient scrolls and called upon Beelzebub. As he did, he slit the throat of the first sacrifice.

"Give me the strength to defeat my enemies", he called out, but nothing happened.

He slit the second sacrifice's throat and called once more, but still nothing happened. Jose started to feel the panick rise in him as he slit the throat of the third sacrifice. Finally, a shadowy figure appeared before him. Mr Okada was watching as well but upon seeing the figure take form, he stepped back not wanting to be so close to true Evil.

Beelzebub did not look at the Japanese man, he simply stared at the one who had summoned him.

"One sacrifice would have been sufficient", he told Jose, "but since you have offered me three, I could not let them go to waste. They were exquisit and I thank you but although I am pleased with your offering I require one more thing, Jose. Your life and soul."

Jose did not flinch as Beelzebub sank his hand into his chest and transformed him into something not human anymore. Beelzebub vanished. Only the smell of sulphur and brimstone remained.

Jose got what he always wanted, power, but at a high price. He would now belong to Beelzebub and do his bidding.

In the meantime, he would become the instrument of his master. Through him, Beelzebub would feel and taste the deaths and destruction that the war will bring. And through the Society of Evil, Macabre Hombre, would have others to help him serve his master.


Magic: Macabre has control over the dark magic arts and can conjure spells with dark undertones. He only needs to speak the name of the spell of which there are thirteen available to him.

Flight: A spectral spell enables him to fly as though he were a ghost.

Barrier: He can raise a defensive shield around him to protect him from most attacks.

Elemental magic: He can conjure up fire and brimstone, darkness and can turn the groung to quicksand.

Life Drain: He can heal himself by draining the life energies from others.

Gaze: By gazing into the souls of others, he can instill in them paralysing fear or a psychotic break.

Cross-dimensional travel: He can summon the power to travel across dimensions or even send others to Hell.

Corruption:  He can use demonic influence to affect people's behaviours, control them and even turn them into monsters.

Summoning: In times of dire needs, he can call upon Beelzebub to help him, but the demon exacts a heavy price each time he is summoned. For this reason, Macabre Hombre rarely calls for him.

Appearance: Although Macabre lets people believe that he is wearing a mask, it is actually his real face.

Weaknesses: Holy weapons and magics can counter his spells but he is also vulnerable to physical harm from ordinary weapons if he is not protected. If he were to die, Beelzebub would claim his soul forever. It is possible, however, that he would return him to continue fighting, but Macabre does not know for sure, so he can't take the chance to fail. 

Paraphernalia: He carries a mace that he uses to focus his spells.