Character- Farpoint

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #3

Other appearances: 
Gaia Force #4, #5, #6...

Other Picture: Farpoint

Real Name: Joseph Jean-Baptiste 
Hair: Black
6 feet 2 inches
in 2012
Nationality: South African 
Occupation: Professional fighter
Familial links: Wife (deceased), Daughters (deceased)

Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon

Ethical alliance: Good


Joseph was born in a small town in South Africa during the apartheid years. From a young age he had to fight to survive and eventually turned to boxing. He was fourteen when he had his first paying fight against a nineteen-year-old. It had been a hard fight, but he had won. After that, he started fighting anyone for money.

He was seventeen when apartheid was finally abolished. His manager got him his first real fight. He then met his wife and a few years later had two daughters. His boxing career took a backseat while he worked as a janitor in a school. At night, he would often fight, but he could no longer train as often and the offers he had dwindled as time went on.

A week after his thirty-seventh birthday, his wife and children were killed when their bus was rammed by a truck and plunged off a bridge. He then succumbed to depression and started drinking.

He eventually got his act together and started training again, realizing that it was the best way for him to channel his anger. He had a few fights in the years that followed, but he had passed his prime years. He would never be a champion. That was when Avatar Prime showed up and recruited him to be part of Gaia Force.

When the United Earth Force (UEF)'s first ship, The UEF Armstrong, ventured into space, Farpoint was the first to encounter them. As he boarded the ship 
to learn more about them and their mission, he took a liking to one member of the crew, Lieutenant Amanda Whitfield, a science officer. They developed a romantic relationship, but their romance came to a halt when Whitfield unwittingly betrayed him and the world. While she was under the influence of the E'lah, Whitfield was turned into a sleeper agent and caused the death of thousands of Humans.

Over time, Farpoint formed a romantic relationship with his teammate Meridian and when Gaia Force disbanded, he joined her and Roguestar and settled on Andeleb IV, in the Shifu system. There, Roguestar and Meridian opened and operated the Rogues' Café but operating a business was not to Farpoint's liking. He became very jealous of the attention Meridian was getting from her patrons, and the two often fought and argued about it. He and Meridian eventually called it quits, and he left the system entirely. 

He returned to professional fighting and became the reigning champion of Betna’Tu City's most renowned arena. 


Endokinesis: Farpoint's "Long Reach" allows him to breach the gap between himself and his target by folding a sub-layer of space between them. This sub-layer of space is called endospace. Through it, he can interact with objects as far away as 5000 km. Although the range seems excessive, when you take into account that he can travel at point-five light speed, the range is quite limited.

Farpoint's attacks enter endospace to reach its target, but it does not actually exit it, which is why Farpoint sees a ghostly extension of his limbs hitting his target. This dimensional layer is invisible in normal space, and Farpoint is one of the few people able to access it. 

To attack, Farpoint only needs to shadow box or mimic a move for the effect to be felt. When he hits an object that is far away, the force of the attack is proportional to the speed, distance and time it would have taken to reach it, thus increasing the damage, and the impact will cover a greater surface area than had he punched it from up close. The attack is instantaneous, as though you were standing right near him.

When lifting things the same principle applies, the further things are, the more weight he can lift.
Grabbing an object with this ability, makes the object appears in his hand, as if it were some form of teleportation. 

Super strength: 100+ tons of lift unaided, but can boost his strength using his power to 300+ tons. Unlike the other members of Gaia Force, whose stats are essentially fixed, Farpoint can increase his through training. 

Extended lifespan: 
Like all members of Gaia Force, he possesses long life.

Self sustaining: Does not need to eat or drink.

Space travel: He can fly and possesses interplanetary travel capabilities.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, he can communicate with any intelligent life form.

Energy and physical resistance: Has a high resistance to physical and moderate resistance to energy attacks.

Enhanced vision: Farpoint can use his glasses to see in every mode.

Weaknesses: When distance fighting, he is vulnerable up close.

Limitations: His maximum hit range is at 5000 km (3000 miles) but the object he affects must be visible.

Paraphernalia: Wears dark glasses that allow him to detect various types of energy. It also makes him look cool.

Main antagonists: psylash  offset  obsidian