Character- Miss Mercury 
Miss Mercury

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: 

Real Name: Sarah Swift
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Age: 22
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Sarah Swift is one of the top athletes is Lovelight City, she is also several times marathon runner champion. Born with a natural gift for running, she had always been something of an adrenaline junkie. She'd won marathons and even competed in the Olympics, always pushing herself to go faster, harder, higher.

One day, as she ran through the city, she sees Night Dame and the other heroines. Inspired by their actions She decided to be a hero. She felt a thrill like she'd never experienced before. She was doing something good, something righteous, and the rush of it was exhilarating. However, her first night on the job didn't go as planned. She had responded to a robbery and found herself outmatched against a group of armed men. In a desperate moment, she was about to be hurt before a tall, beautiful superhero appeared in a flash of lightning.

"You need a little help out here?", she asked.

Sarah was starstruck. “are you one of the heroines like Night Dame and Venus Star?”

“Oh I’m a mentor of the one you call Venus Star, you can call me Jupiter Lighting.”

In a moment of excitement, Sarah explained her intentions and why she was attempting to stop the robbery.

Impressed by Sarah's bravery, Jupiter Lightning handed her the Gem of Mercury saying, " For your bravery and courage you have been chosen by the Gem of Mercury”."

Sarah caught the small crystal in her hand and instantly felt a rush of energy coursing through her veins. Suddenly, everything around her shifted into a blur as she darted at lightning speed across the alleyway, disarming the thieves in seconds.

From that moment on, Sarah was not just an average athlete but a superhero. She could move faster than anyone, race across the city in the blink of an eye, and scale the tallest buildings. All this, she did under the guise of a new hero for Lovelight city, Miss Mercury.

Sarah’s life would never be the same. Every day was a new thrill and a new challenge. Jupiter Lightning became her mentor and friend, teaching her about responsibility and control. With her new power, Miss Mercury eventually met the other heroines of Lovelight City.


Power accessory: The Gem of Mercury is the source of Miss Mercury's powers.

Super strength: The gem grants her strength in the 10 tons of lift range.

Speed: Her enhanced speed allows to move at mach 10+ speeds, she is fastest of the gem warriors easily faster and more agile than the likes of Venus Star and Superiora.

Physical resistance: The gem's power has protected her from gun shots, explosions and rockets.

Weaknesses:  Miss Mercury is very cocky, can also be very predictable with her super speed. Miss Mercury also has a limit to her speed, if she goes too fast, her gem can overtax and shut her down.