Character- Offset

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: 

Real Name: Gandis Tornelion 
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 4 foot 4 inches
Age: Undisclosed

Born on: Valamor Seti
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of operations: E'lah Dominion

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Valamorans are recognized throughout the E'lah Dominion as being an excellent work force. Their bodies made for living in a 2G world gives them a physical advantage when working in a normal 1G environment. Gandis was one of many making a living offworld but in his case, he decided that he would use his physical skills to a more profitable end.

He was hired as muscle by the Gambler's Guild and was often dispatched to collect from those who lagged behind in paying their debts. Despite his small stature, he was ruthless and feared by all who knew him. Those who did not know him quickly learned not to cross him.

Gandis was eventually approached by the being known as Ravager. He was the head of a bounty collecting organization and looking for hired hands. Ravager offered to make Gandis even more powerful and feared by infusing him with guardian energy. How Ravager has managed to possess such energy is still a mystery, but its infusion in others enhances their natural abilities and often create new ones. 

 natural physical skilled were enhanced as well, but he also gained one new ability which made him virtually impossible to target; it offset his position when threatened by an attack causing the attack to miss him every time. He thus took the name Offset when he joined Ravager's Hounds.


Reflexive shifting: Offset has the ability to avoid being hit. His body automatically moves out of range of any incoming attack making it impossible for anyone to hit him. 

Agility: He is also extremely agile and can hit as effectively with his hands or feet. During battle, he cartwheels, rolls and jumps around. His movements are quite erratic and hard to anticipate.

Super strength: His strength is somewhere in the five ton range.

Super jump: Offset can jump as high as 25 feet. In a normal gravity, he can also jump off a 10-story building without causing himself any injury.

Weaknesses: If he is trapped in a confined space, his reflexive shifting is hindered.

The only types of attacks he cannot evade are of a psionic nature, as his squad leader, PsyLash, often likes to remind him.