Character- Ravager

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: 
By Suluh Radityo 

Real Name: Morik dar Varel
Hair: Red 
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 112

Born on: Undisclosed
Base of operations: E'lah Dominion

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Some 80 years ago, Morik, also known as Ravager, held the title of Champion in Betna'Tu City's most reknown arena. His fighting skills were the best in the quadrant, but all this changed when he faced his first Human.

At first glance, the Human before him seemed no more than a new challenger he would eventually defeat. He had fought many humanoids and even if their skills and strengths varied, Morik had always managed to overcome them one way or another. Many of his opponents had been taller, larger and stronger than he was, and even if some even had special abilities, the rules of the arena forbade them from using them. Only natural physical skills could be used in the fights, unfortunately for Morik, the Human before him was more than met the eye.

In reality, the Human was a former member of Gaia Force, a team of enhanced Humans. They had been given great powers by the entity known as the Guardian. The Human before him was actually the guardian known as, Farpoint, but in the arena, he would be known as, the Pulveriser.

As with all previous fights, the contestants were scanned by Irrilians to determine whether they had special abilities. If they did, they were monitored during the fight and forbidden to use them. Doing so would disqualify them and for that reason, Morik was not worried. What he had not expected, however, was the actual strength and skill of his opponent.

The fight was over from the moment it started. The Pulveriser's first hit combo almost killed Morik. His bones were crushed, his ribs shattered and his skull cracked. No one had ever seen such strength before, and when the Pulveriser became the new Champion, it became evident that regular humanoids would have little chance in defeating him. From that day on, the arena allowed registration to beings other than simple humanoids. All types of beings were allowed to participate, so long as strength and skills were used in battle. From armored shelled gatari to giants to multiple limbed beings, all who could offer a good fight did fight. But while the Pulveriser continued to celebrate his victories, Morik was slowly dying.

Then, his life changed forever when the Irrilians came to his aid. Unknown to all, Irrilians had a special ability, which they began exploiting with the arrival of their new Champion. They were energy siphonners, and they had begun to siphon the guardian energy within Farpoint.

The amount of energy they could siphon, however, was extremely small, but small or not, they quickly understood the power it possessed. Unfortunately for the Irrilians, they could not use it for themselves and so decided to experiment with it, starting with Morik.

The Irrilians decided to infuse some of the Guardian energy into Morik to test their theory. It worked as planned. Morik's body was healed, and his body started to go through a variety of changes. The Irrilians continued to infuse him with more energy until Morik's body was saturated and refused to accept any more.

The Irrilians had almost depleted their entire stock of Guardian energy, but with Farpoint having become their new Champion, there would be more energy soon.

Morik thanked the Irrilians and offered to get them more subjects to continue their experiments. The Irrilians would create more enhanced beings, and Morik would use them for his own purposes. He now had strength and power. All he wanted now was for his name to be known and feared across the galaxy.

It was not long until he was approaced by the Gamblers' Guild. They wanted to use his resources and abilities, and they were willing to pay handsomely for his services. They had placed many bounties on many individuals, and they needed people of great skill to apprehend them.

It was time for Ravager to be let loose again. The enhanced beings he selected would become his hounds. They would spread his name across the stars as they sought out fame and fortune in his name. Beware Ravager's Hounds.


Power assessment: Ravager has the ability to determine an opponent's power level at a glance, thus enabling him to evaluate whether he can defeat his opponent or not. It also allows him to determine his opponent's weaknesses.

Super strength: His strength is somewhere in the 200 ton range.

Teleportation: Ravager can teleport to places he has already been to.

Space travel: He has the ability to survive in the vacuum of space.

Martial arts: Ravager is a former military man and is quite proficient in combat.

Limitation: Ravager is saturated with Guardian energy to the point where his body cannot absorb any more.

Curiosities: Ravager's species is partly insectoid, as his eyebrows and eyes seem to indicate.

Paraphernalia: Ravager's weapon of choice is the Bayara Scythe, an ancient weapon of his people.