Character- Ozaleck

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Ozaleck full body

First comic book appearance:


Real Name: Undisclosed
A.K.A.: The Naked Arsonist

Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot

Age: Undisclosed but rumored to be hundreds if not thousands of years old.
Country of Origin: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Ozaleck, (known better to the media and the Committee of Heroes as "The Naked Arsonist") is a mysterious addition to Excelsior City. Not much is known about him except that he is a naked man who can catch on fire.

It is rumored that he caused the Great Fire of New Orleans in 1788 and sightings of him have been reported throughout history. He claims to be the bastard child of the Sun God Ra, but no one knows if this is indeed true.

Ozaleck has recently been working for the Slumlords of Lower East Quincy, providing them with his extremely flammable, weaponized sweat. As to why he works for the Slumlords? No one is quite sure. He is a reluctant participant and wants nothing more than to kill its leader, Swarmface.


Substance secretion: Ozaleck can secrete highly flammable sweat from his body and has even weaponized for the Slumlords.

Extended lifespan: If rumors are true, Ozaleck has been around for a long time and he does not age or get sick. He may even be immortal.

Pyrokinetic: His body is flame resistant and can be ignited with a single spark. 

Weaknesses: Ozaleck has a bad temper and is quite arrogant which can sometimes cause him to have lapses in judgement. He needs to have access to fire in order to ignite himself. Cannot stay clothed for long, as his sweat tends to ruin most material.

Paraphernalia: Ozaleck carries a supply of hot sauce and peppers to increase his sweating.