Character- Poker Queen
Poker Queen

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

Real Name: Ruth Stevens
Hair: White
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 24 

Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Ruth had known for some time that she could read people's thoughts. She had become quite good at making them do things for her, and this is how she had found her first husband.

He was a trader working deals in Japan, and although he loved his wife, he was also spooked by her. She always managed to get what she wanted from him, even when he knew that was not what he wanted to do, so when WWII broke out, he took it as an opportunity. While he was out on business, he fled the country. 

Ruth was now alone, in a country where Americans were hunted and made prisoners.

Using her abilities of persuasion, she managed to elude capture and made it to Tokyo, where, in this large city, she took a new identity and posed as a German heiress. The language courses she had taken as a student were now paying off, but to complete the illusion, she spent much time as casinos.

Knowing that her powers would be of little use at games of chance, she opted for playing cards. She squandered her money but knew she would make up for it almost as quickly. Everyone thought she was the luckiest person in the world. But as luck would have it, in time, it runs out.

Ruth made the mistake of walking into the casino owned by one of the richest and deadliest man in the world, Mr Okada.

Mr Okada had heard of the lucky heiress and while she played, he watched her and knew she was cheating, though how? He could only guess. He ordered his men to grab her, and they brought her to a back room, where he questioned her, but Ruth would not talk. So Okada ordered his men to torture her. For hours, it went, but Ruth would not confess. 

Ruth tried to use her powers to take control of the men. All she needed was one, but somehow, they did not seem to work. What was preventing it?
She looked at Okada standing quietly as his men punched and kicked her. Was Okada doing this to her? Did he know her secret?

Then Okada nodded to one of his men. The man took out a knife and took out Ruth's right eye. The pain was too much, and she confessed and told her secret.

Okada stopped his men and got her medical attention. He explained that he wasn't going to kill her but that, as payment, she was going to work for him using her abilities.

She went by the name Poker Queen and worked alongside the Society of Evil. In time, her feelings towards Okada changed, although she still feared him but in the end, and she ended up marrying.

Mr. Okada loved her, and she feared him, so it was a workable marriage.


Telepathy: Poker Queen can read people's minds and communicate with her thoughts.

Mind control: She can influence weak minds and take control of their bodies. At present, she can control no more than three individual at a time.

Persuasion: Her mental skills allow her to influence people's decisions to benefit her.

Weaknesses: She is a normal person with no special protection.