Character- Preyin Mantis
Preyin Mantis

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Pictures:

Art by: VenneccaBlind

Real Name: Grant Kendall
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 6 foot 10 inches
Age: 32

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Grant was a homeless man living on the streets, when an alien race linked to Pthirus came to our world to study it. In order to keep their existence a secret, they did not enter Earth proper, but instead operated from the lunar surface.

Using a long range transporter, they abducted humans whom, their studies showed, would not be missed by society. Grant was one of those unlucky souls.

As the aliens locked onto him, they began the transport, but as Grant began to dematerialize, a praying mantis landed on his leg and was caught in the transport beam. When the transporter tried to reassemble them, it merged them instead.

As he began to rematerialize, Grant immediately knew something was wrong. He could see the aliens frantically trying to adjust their machine to rectify the problem, but the transport device was finishing its cycle.

Grant was now fully formed, but he felt odd. He got a glimpse of himself in the reflective surface of the transporter wall, and upon seeing his reflection, his mind went into shock. He collapsed into unconsciousness.

He woke up tied to a table surrounded by aliens probing and examining him. He freaked out, trying to reconcile what he was seeing with what he was feeling, and shoved them away. With a newfound strength, he ripped the restraints off of him and began running. He ploughed through a gauntlet of armed aliens and cracked skulls and broke bones as he made his way deeper into their ship. He reached the ship's armory and grabbed two alien swords, which he continued to use as he rampaged his way around. He eventually reached the command center and grabbed the alien he believed was the captain. As he held him by the throat, he pointed to Earth. The message was clear; Get me back to Earth or die.

The ship's captain had little choice and ordered his ship to move towards Earth. He then directed Grant to an escape pod and jettisoned him towards the planet. The alien captain pondered whether to fire on the pod, but fearing that the Earthlings would discover their presence and eventually interfere with their ongoing abductions, he refrained from doing so.

Grant returned to Earth with no incident, but when he finally got a good look at what he had become, he became angry. Angry that this had happened to him. Angry at the conflicting urges that his body was having. What was he now, was he still human? Was he a monster? All he knew was that there was no going back. He also knew that living like this would not be easy. People feared what was different. People would hunt him down. He needed to find others like him. Others who were shunned by society. Others who would accept him for who and what he was.

He wasn't Grant Kendall anymore, so changed his name to Preyin Mantis. Until he found what he was looking for, he would need to survive and to do so, he took to a life of crime.

In time, his deeds reached far and wide and those he had sought out, eventually came to him. As they did not judge him, he did not judge them back. They offered him a place where he could be himself. It mattered not to him if they called themselves the Society of Evil. All that mattered was that he had found a home.


Super strength: Mantis possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift over half a ton.

Enhanced vitals: His body is stronger and faster than a human body, and his reflexes exceed those of normal humans.

Physical resistance: His body is covered by an organic exoskeleton, giving his heightened resistance to physical attacks.

Flight: His small wings allow him to fly at moderate speeds of around 50 mph.

Super jump: His enhanced muscle strength enables him to make 100 yard leaps.

Weaknesses: Sometimes, he feels like the insect part of his mind starts to take over, and he has a hard time distinguishing friend from foe.

Paraphernalia: He has unique alien dual swords that are made of a strange alien metal not known to this world and seem indestructible.  He has mastered them like they were an extension of his body.