Character- Renshi

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #2

Other appearances: 
Gaia Force #4, #5, #6

Other picture: Renshi

Real Name: Renshi (A.K.A. Sensei, Master Renshi)
Eyes: Brown

Height: 6 foot
Age: 27 in 2012
Born in: Canada
Occupation: Martial arts and spiritualism teacher (guru)
Familial links: Brother (Daniel aka Arkahnus), sister (Caregiver)

Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon

Ethical alliance: Good


From a young age, Renshi had always been fascinated by martial arts and in a matter of years had become quite good at many of them but like all martial artists, longed to earn his black belt.

While he was still two belts away from his goal, he had the opportunity to test his skills against a black belt opponent. The resulting fight brought new meaning to his pursuit when he almost defeated the black belt. Renshi then realized that owning a black belt did not necessarily make you any good. He then gave up that goal of his and continued training for the sole purpose of learning all that he could.

When the Guardian recruited him, he bestowed upon him the ability to learn all the arts he wanted simply by fighting a master of that discipline with no detrimental effect to his opponent. Renshi, then, went on a year-long pilgrimage around the world and learned every martial arts known to man.

Although Renshi did learn all he knew by fighting masters and draining the knowledge into himself, he never once defeated the masters he fought. He only fought them long enough to gain the knowledge, then forfeited the fight in their favour. He felt it unjust to defeat someone who had taken a lifetime to master his art.

When he went to learn the art of Sumo, the Sumo Master, Kinto Harada, told Renshi that he first had to prove his worth as a fighter. He told him to fight one of his students, which Renshi easily defeated as well as the four other students sent against him. Eventually, he fought Harada and learned what he needed from him, but as he left the temple, the first man he had fought followed him and as the two talked, Renshi saw something of worth in him. He then promised him that he would teach him how to be the best at Sumo.

When Renshi returned from his journey, Avatar Prime was waiting for him and brought him to the Citadel where he assigned him the role of its protector as well as teacher to all the Gaia Force members. Renshi also learned that Avatar Prime was going to establish other teams to handle the problems on Earth and that he was going to find men and women of worth. Renshi mentioned the Sumo student he had met, Sato Tanaka, and Avatar Prime recruited him for Prime Force. He became Sumo-Juggernaut

Having no other martial art to learn, Renshi turned his mind inward and started studying its hidden inner powers. Through deep meditation and soul-searching, Renshi has begun to unlock many spiritual powers including how to heal by focusing his Chi energy.

Renshi is the guardian and protector of the Citadel and teacher to new recruits. He instructs them on the best techniques to use with regard to their powers.

He is the brother of Arkahnus and Caregiver.


Photographic reflexes: Has the ability to learn any fighting style by fighting someone. As the fight progresses he drains the knowledge into himself without affecting his opponent. 

Martial arts: Has mastered every form of unarmed combat.

Weapons Master: Master in all form of armed combat (no guns).

Invulnerability: His skin cannot be breached, and he is immune to energy attacks and radiation.

Super strength: 10 tons of lift.

Extended lifespan: 
Like all members of Gaia Force, he possesses long life.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Self sustaining: Does not need to eat or drink.

Space travel: He can suvive in the vacuum of space.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, he can communicate with any intelligent life form.

Healing: He can do moderate healing by channelling his Chi energy.

Enhanced reflexes: He can read a person’s kinetic potential and anticipate their physical actions.

Weaknesses: Can only be overpowered by physically stronger adversaries but even then, Renshi usually manages to find a technique to get away.

Paraphernalia: Carries a small rod that can transform into any weapon.