Character- Sunshine

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Jennifer "Jenn" Watson
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Age: 27
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


When Jenn hit her 14th birthday, she, like most teanagers her age, began to go through changes. Unlike them, however, hers were a little more intense. When she went outside during sunny days, she felt so invigorated. Her body could not get enough of the sun and she would stay hours standing it its radiance with no protection from its harmful rays.

In time, she learned that she was actually absorbing and storing that energy within her body, but at some point, that energy needed to be released. The first sign of that happening when she began to float upwards. Scared, she tried to reach out for any object to ground herself but in doing so, she fired a solar plasma blast from her hand sending her hurling into a neighbour's yard. Staggered from the impact , she looked and saw the damage that her blast had done. It had been extensive. Fearing for her life, she fled looking for a place to hide.

Footage of the incident had been released and when the organization called A.S.H. learned of it, they contemplated recruiting Jenn to be on their team. They knew that with proper training, Jenn could become a supreme A.S.H. agent. They just needed to find her first. It turned out that Cageport Police Sgt Mike O'Brien, did just that.

Jenn had started her career in vigilantism, but things had turned sour when she had been kidnapped by a cult who wanted to sacrifice her. After Sgt O'Brien rescued her from the group, he contacted his old government friend, Carter, commander of the A.S.H. forces. Carter was happy to have Jenn, and she was glad to have someone train her to control her powers. As all agents had a code name, hers became Sunshine.

As Sunshine's experience grew in the A.S.H. team, Carter teamed her up with a new recruit. The reason for this team-up was two-fold. The two would form a formidable team, but also, her abilities would be necessary to keep her teammate in check.  The recruit went by the name Ultimate and he had the ability to enter a Berserker mode. Once in that state, Sunshine's power would be needed to subdue him.


Energy absorption: Sunshine can absorb and resist most energy attacks.

Energy blast: 
Sunshine has the power to convert the energy she absorbs into blasts of plasma energy that she can release from her hands.

Flight: She also has the ability of flight and can attain moderate speeds enabling her to travel all over the city.

Mind control: She discovered that she has a kind of telepathic power that controls men's thoughts and actions. She eventually called this ability her Charm power.

Weaknesses: Sunshine was trained to fight and evade attacks but she does have difficulty with stronger telepaths who can resist her charm spell.

Her Charm power does not work on women.

She is vulnertable to conventional weapons like guns.