Character- Thera

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Thera full body

Real Name: Thera
A.K.A: Lencia

Hair: Brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 23
Born in: Olympus

Ethical alliance: Good


A long time ago in the time of myth, there was a massive battle between the alliances of the gods. The gods of Olympus, Asgard, the Egyptian pantheon and other divine beings set aside their differences to wage battle against a cosmic threat of gods form a dark universe, Anti-Gods. The war was destructive and it almost cost the existence of the universe itself, but fortunately the Anti-Gods were defeated and retreated back to their world.

Thousands of years later, the Olympians still lived with the fear that the Anti-Gods might one day return, but Athena, the goddess of wisdom, had a contingency plan. She wanted to create a child from her own blood but she feared that by taking a mate, the power of her blood would be diminished. Instead, she decided to create her “child” through unnatural means. Athena collected samples from the best of mortals, Amazonians, and Rock golems and using magic, she fashioned her child from these samples. To breathe life into her child, she sacrificed a portion of her blood.

Athena’s experiment was a success and her newborn came into existence. The child may have looked real to all, but it was truly a construct to be used against the Anti-Gods. Athena decided to keep the child hidden and sent her to Earth. Under the care of an Amazon named Nona, Thera was trained to be a warrior and to learn the way of life.

As Thera grew older, she grew stronger and quickly became very skilled in combat. She defeated the best warriors sent against her, single handedly. 
Other than Nona, no one had ever been able to match her in single combat, however all this changed when she encountered a woman named Oceania

Thera was thrilled to meet someone like herself and was thrilled in battling her new rival. The two exchanged blows fiercely but neither would back down. Had Nona not interrupted the battle, the two could have fought all day. Nona introduced Oceania to Thera and told Thera that her new rival was none other than a child of Poseidon.

Oceania and Thera became good friends and the two eventually moved in together. They now live in the United States under the names, Lenora and Lencia.


Martial arts: Thera is trained to be a warrior as is a very skilled combatant.

Super strength: Like most Demigods, Thera is capable of lifting 500 tons and likely higher.

Enhanced reflexes: Thera is a very swift individual, even for a Demigod. She is generally faster than Oceania and Akrera and she can react to lightning and even deflect it.

Physical resistance: Thera can resist to most forms of attacks and she is immune to petrification and other forms of transmutations.

Weaknesses:  Despite being resistant to most forms of damage, Thera can be harmed form penetrating attacks. Thera can be knocked unconscious by physically superior beings and she is easy to anger which can blind her judgment.

Poison from the Hydra can weaken her.

Paraphernalia: Thera’s personal offensive weapon is the Spear of Light, a powerful spear forged in Olympus. It is a divine weapon made of a near unbreakable metal and it can absorb most forms of energy. Doing so increases its power.

The Spear can penetrate the hardest of substances and it can even harm non-corporeal beings.

Thera’s personal defensive weapon is the Gorgon Shield, an unbreakable shield that is also forged in Olympus. It is capable of deflecting almost any forms of attacks.