Character- Tootsie

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Tootsie
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Age: 26
Country of Origin: Nameless City

Ethical alliance: Evil


When Death Row Xander needs a girl for a job, he calls on Tootsie. A former petty thief turned street walker. Xander picked up Tootsie and offered a role in his gang as the "token hot chick" to distract any heroes and police. 

When Xander finally got captured by Mr Hero. Hero took Xander's helmet with him and locked it in the Super Hero University trophy case. The crown being the source of his power, Xander called upon Tootsie to retrieve his helmet.

Tootsie asked how she would be able to nab it with all the super heroes roaming around. That was when Xander showed Tootsie a picture of Cammi Fulton. Tootsie was amazed that Cammi looked just like her. Also, the fact Cammi was friends with the two superheroes, Lex and Rex, would make the job easy. If the heroes caused any problems she would just seduce them into doing the job for her.

Tootsie dressed as Cammi waited for Cammi to step outside, where her associate Hurt Bag snatched her by potato sack and Tootsie just strolled in as Cammi none the wiser to Lex and Rex and Cammi's twin brother John.


Enhanced intelligence: Tootsie's mind for crime is genius. She can conjure up plans at a whim and improvise without skipping a beat.

Persuasion: She uses her beauty as a way to seduce and charm her male counterpart into giving into her. At times it could work too good and cause some unnecessary problems (as in the case with Lex Morgan). Often fed up with Xander's goons. Tootsie wants to be crime queen on her own. She will do anything to make the dream happen.

Her charm and seduction works too well that it sometimes ends up backfiring on her. When Xander asked Tootsie to pose as Cammi to seduce Lex Morgan again, the end result was not what she planned. To have the university security system turned off, she had to seduce Lex into the security control room.
What suppose to be was a simply flirt turned into a full fledged sex session that resulted in Tootsie becoming pregnant.

Being pregnant put a damper on her Xander crime sprees. Tootsie told Lex she was pregnant. Lex still believing Tootsie is Cammi took her back to the school to the special Future baby drop off portal room that Dean Hero uses when he impregnates his one night stand.

Despite looking like Cammi, there is one major difference between the two girls. Cammi's eyes are green and Tootsie's are blue. But no one including John notices the difference.

Only armed with beauty, brains and the odd henchman she picks up. She tries to fulfill her dream of becoming Nameless City's Crime Queen.