Character- Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Weekend Warrior full body

Comic book appearance:
Unbound Realms

Real Name: Steven Docus
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Age: 26
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


The Weekend Warrior is the demi-god heir to Dionysus the Greek Party God. When Dionysus impregnated an entire village, Zeus found out about his actions. Zeus, being the jealous God he is, took the form of a wandering prophet and convinced the village to repent and follow the way of the scholar and not partake in the drink or party ever again. He did this so the powers of Dionysus never awoke and Zeus's children would be the only ones with God's blood. Dionysus however, never knew he had impregnated anyone in the first place.

The Pure scholar ways of the village spread, creating a sect of prohibitionists. Years passed and the village took many forms and migrated, from puritans, to Quakers, to most recently, Mormons. To which absolutely none of the bloodline had ever drank a drop of alcohol.

There were faithful followers who knew Dionysus's blood was out there to be awoken. They enter the Greek system in colleges, searching for young adults with his blood. The followers formed the Greek system in places of learning...A Fraternity of the party. Over the years other groups just liked the idea of brotherhood and drinking so other houses formed, but only one stayed true to it's mission κ?μμα κ?μμα house.

Flash to the future, young Steven Dokus turns 20 and runs away from his compound in Excelsior City. He then enrolled in school in a nearby city, Glory Falls. Upon learning about the outside world, he learns that not everything was as he was taught. After a year of school, he finds he has an attraction to a girl that led him to a Frat party. This party was thrown by the κ?μμα κ?μμα house, where they make you take a shot at the door. Frail, Skinny Steven reluctantly did this. To everyone's surprise, a flash of light filled the room, his muscles snapped his bones as he grew in height and mass. Steven's bloodline was awakened, but not completed. The frat instantly kicked everyone out of the party because they had found one, one of his children.

It is revealed to Steven that to unlock his true power, he must complete the 13 labors of Dionysus, which happen to reflect one crazy Dionysus party night. Some of these labors include stealing Artemis's Panties, arm wrestling a Minotaur, and the collection of Cerberus's poop to leave flaming on Athena's door step. Each labor completed awakens his bloodline a little more making him a little stronger. His new fraternity of brothers (all dawn nicknames from monsters of Greek Mythology lead by Cyclops) help Steven in his tasks. But with a Greek god's blood being awoken so long after their reign was over, many greek monster claw over to the other side in Glory Falls.

Steven eventual takes up the mantle of the Weekend Warrior after Agent Danger came to Glory Falls to recruit him to the Committee of Heroes. Steven joins him after he assists him in the Labor of stealing the panties of the hunting Goddess.

After joining the team and moving to Excelsior City, Weekend Warrior began doing public service announcements on public access TV about responsible drinking. He also goes to high school parties and breaks them up, confiscating their booze and adding it to his arsenal. He is best friends with Agent Danger and Nostalgia. He often has the best press with the Committee due to his public service, however, HOUND NEWS calls him a hypocrite and a drunk. He has a big personality, is everyone's friend and most importantly, loves to party


Power accessory: Weekend Warrior's powers come about as a result of him consuming various types of alcohol. Each type awakens a different ability which remains as long as he has the alcohol in his system.

Super Strength:  His strength can be increased by having him consume beer. This enables him to lift weights in the 60+ ton range.

Invulnerability: By imbiding wine, he can achieve invulnerability to most forms of harm.

Animal attributes: Rum will awaken the tentacle tattoos on his arm, enabling him to use them and control them.

Clairvoyance: He can achieve a modecum of future sight by consuming gin. However, he hates gin because it gives him a bad hang over

Fire blast: Whiskey awakens in him the ability to breathe out blasts of fire .

Empathy: When drinking vodka, his body releases high doses of pheromones enabling him to woo others.

Weaknesses: Where he has a very high tolerance, Weekend Warrior still can get drunk.

Paraphernalia: Carries around a keg filled with high quality beer that grants him super strength. He also has several flasks that have different types of booze in them.