Character- Badz

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

Art by: Joe de Santos

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 24

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Badz was a Satan worshipper and one night he received a visit from the Hell ruler himself. Satan told him he would grant him great powers but in return, he wanted him to kill the hero known as Firedemon, his son. In reality, Satan only wanted one thing; for Firedemon to return to him, but in order to claim him for eternity, Firedemon needed to become corrupt.

Satan already had control over the demon side of his son, but to achieve total control he needed to claim his human side as well.

Satan knew Badz was no match for Firedemon, but this was the whole idea. Badz was not supposed to survive.

However, there were rules that needed to be followed. Firedemon needed to kill Badz as a human, not as a demon. If Badz died from a Hellfire attack, Firedemon would not become corrupt. He needed to kill Badz with his bare hands, then his demise would be complete.

In order to ensure this would happen, Badz was given abilities that could counter Firedemon's powers. He was also given an armour to protect him from the damage caused by Hellfire. But his greatest power is the ability to generate the Hellwind. This Hellish power can snuff out Firedemon's Hellfire, forcing him to rely on his physical abilities.

Badz joined the Society of Evil so he could get close to Firedemon. The Society of Evil often clashes with the Guardians of Creation thus ensuring that the two would meet. 


Aerokinesis: Badz has the ability to control and manipulate the ambient air to create wind storms. He is able to generate hurricane level winds and tornadoes.

Elemental blast: He can also channel wind force through his hands and use it to pummel his opponents.

Hellwind: He also has the ability to channel the Hellwind. This supernatural wind is the only force capable of extinguishing Hellfire.

Flight: He can also use wind power to fly at speeds approaching 300 mph.

Energy resistance: Badz was given an armour whose primary function is to protect him from Hellfire.

Weaknesses: He has a normal human body.

Limitations: The Hellwind is usually used once in battle because repeated uses take a toll on a normal human body.