Character- Delia Johnson
Delia Johnson

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Delia Johnson 
Hair:  Strawberry blonde/light orange
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Age: 24
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Delia is Rick Johnson's wife and is sister in law to Heather and Lisa Johnson. Born Delia McKenzie, Delia had dreams of becoming a super model. She felt she was attractive enough physically and she did her gymnastics and kick boxing to tone her body. She experimented with make up and hair colouring to find that one right look. When she found it, she applied to a modelling agency hoping to get chosen for a job, and she did. She got the job of modelling for clothes for a department store flyer. Not the grand runway dream Delia hoped for but it was a start. A start that turned her life around forever...

The modeling job paid her way through school and she become somewhat famous when her classmates recognized her. She enjoyed fame, but with fame came a price. One of the students became obsessed with her and started to stalk her. He started to follow her around, took many pictures and started leaving obscene phone messages and notes.

Scared, Delia turned to the Gageport Police Department for help. There she met Officer Rick Johnson who assured her he would do whatever it took to protect her, but when her stalker saw the two of them together, he went into a rage and escalated things. That night, he tried to attack Delia, but Rick Johnson was waiting for him. The stalker was arrested and Delia was safe.

Delia kept in touch with Rick and the two began dating and eventually fell in love. She was introduced to Rick's family and in time learned the secret of Madam Guardian. She took up the mantle as the third Madam Guardian.


Martial arts: Delia's kick boxing and gymnastics gave her a base for combat but it was training by Mike O'brien and her husband Rick that gave her the true Martial arts fundamentals and the technique of shinobi. Delia's low center of gravity in her fight stance gives her an edge against larger foes using the enemy's momentum to flip them over her shoulder.

Weaknesses: Delia's hesitation at times hinders her. Often needing reassurance that she can take a villain's life when needed.

Paraphernalia: Delia's Madam Guardian costume houses bullets and is stab proof armor. The mask filters out toxins and gases. She also has night vision in her mask similar to Rick's. Her weapon of choice is a whip which she uses from the shadow to snag her victims.