Character- Mr Smith
Mr Smith

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

First appearance: Mireme a los Ojos

Other Pictures: Mr Smith full body

Real Name: Maxwell Smith
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 9 inches (1.80 m)
Age: 300
Country of Origin: England

Ethical alliance: Evil


Mr Smith was born with magic ineptitude, meaning that he is unable to use arcane magic.
To compensate, he has mastered every form of mystical art, alchemy being his main branch but even with all this knowledge, he will only be satisfied when he has learned the arcane form. Arcane magic is the most powerful of forms as it can break the natural laws of the universe.

Since he doesn't have the gift within himself, he has decided to go back to the source. Arcane magic is directly related to dragons which were thought to be extinct, but with the appearance of Purple Dragon a new opportunity to acquire magic aptitudes has presented itself. He needs the blood of a dragon.

Mr Smith is the owner of Smith Corp., a multi-national company specialized in the development of pharmaceuticals and advanced technology. He also has many secret laboratories around the world where he has been experimenting with living things on ways to combine alchemy and magic in order to extract the magic aptitudes from others. Now that the experiments are showing promise, the capture of Purple Dragon is his main goal.

Mr Smith is also the father of two children. Maximilian, the superhero known as Shadow Fox and the Sarah, the supervillainess, Sting. Both have enhanced abilities due to experiments Mr. Smith performed on his wife while she was pregnant.

A few years after Sarah was born, his wife took her life. Sarah saw her doing it and she became mentally unstable after that. 

While Sarah eventually joined her father's evil empire, Maximilian preferred to stay away, blaming his father for his mother's death and his sister's madness.

Mr Smith established The Firm, a special task force to perform his dirty work. 


Enhanced intelligence: His intellect is superior to most humans and has helped him master all the occult sciences. He has mastered, alchemy, spiritualism, astrology and demonology. He is also a master 
herbalist and lapidarist.

Adaptation: He can create a zone in which his physical abilities will match those of anyone inside.

Transmutation: He can transform any object into other objects or modify their shape.

Telekinesis: He can move objects with his mind.

Flight: With the use of his telekinesis, he can make himself fly.

Constructs/animation: He can create objects and animate them. By combining his telekinesis and transmutation he can manipulate any object at will. (For instance, he can create a big flying metal arm and use it to punch and grab things. Or make a wall act like a fluid to reach someone and trap them in.)

Enhanced vision: His mystic sight allows him to see spirits, auras and almost any kind of magical energy.

Cross-dimensional travel: He can create portals to other planes.

Teleportation: He can teleport to fixed points marked with invisibles circles.

Extended lifespan: He has in his power the Philosopher's Stone which prevents him from growing older. With the stone, he can create an elixir of immortality.

Instant heal: His body can heal from almost any damage instantly. In order to kill him, you need to destroy him completely.

Martial arts: He uses a unique combat style that is a mix of many martial arts.

Super strength: Mr Smith has a base strenght of 1 ton of lift however, his strength can increase and match that of his opponent when he creates his "zone of adaptation".

Weaknesses:  To transmute an object he needs to use a transmutation circle. His telekinesis has a range limit of 100 meters (328 ft) and the weight he can lift is equal to his strength.


Alchemical gloves: His gloves has transmutation circles on them. 

Transmutation talismans: He carries many talisman inscribed with circles of transmutation.

Transmutation cane: He uses a cane topped with a dark gem. The cane has an engraved transmutation circle under it to "mark" other objects. The gem has a teleportation circle that can be used in emergencies. It also has a mark of energy absorption, enabling it to absorb energy or magic attacks and store them. The gem has a limit to how much energy that it can store but the energy can be released at will.

Potions: He carries many different kinds of potions. Some of the known ones are -Healing Potions -Energy Restoration -Poison -Explosive Potions -Amnesia Potion -Mind control potion.