Character- Obsidian

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Pictures: 

Real Name: Kalabor Veron
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: Undisclosed

Born on: Obsidia
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of operations: E'lah Dominion

Ethical alliance: Evil 


The world known as Obsidia is a world almost totally covered in magma. The humanoid species that lives there has developed a very strong outer shell enabling them to survive the intense heat of their world.

Obsidians are naturally very strong, but one individual was selected to be even stronger. Kalabor was approached by the mysterious
 Ravager and given the opportunity to make his mark beyond the confines of his world.

Due to the instability of their world's landscape, Obsidians never managed to develop a highly advanced technological society much less the means to leave their world. Intrigued by the prospect of seeing what was out there, Kalabor accepted Ravager's offer and became one of Ravager's Hounds.

After he was imbued with guardian energy, Kalabor's power kicked in. He could now destroy almost anything with his fists and what his fists could not destroy, his blood and sweat would as they had similar properties to magma.

Since none from his world would ever make it to the stars, he would make sure that their name would be heard. Taking on the name of his people as his own, he would make his mark out in the universe.

Obsidian became well known in certain circles and was eventually approached by the Guild of Gamblers. They offered him the opportunity to fight in their tournament and had high hopes that he could defeat their current undefeated champion, Farpoint. The Guild wanted Farpoint defeated because his current winning streak made betting one-sided and predictable. If Obsidian could defeat him, certain parties could make a great deal of money on the fight.

Obsidian agreed to the fight but was ultimately defeated by Farpoint, who has held the title ever since. After this humiliating defeat, Obsidian swore that he would one day get his revenge.


Super strength:
Obsidian possesses enhanced strength enabling him to lift almost 300 tons. His hitting power is quite formidable and is capable of smashing through two-inch steel. Obsidian can also ram his head through walls with ease.

Physical/energy resistance:  His tough outer shell protects him from a variety of attacks.

Substance secretion:  Obsidian can secrete his bodily fluids through his pores, thus burning his opponents to a crisp.

Physical appearance: Obsidians have ramming horns on their head. 

Main antagonist: farpoint