Character- Poker Ace 
Poker Ace

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Dai okada
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Age: 32

Born in: Japan

Ethical alliance: Anti-hero


Dai is the grandson of Akio Okada, aka Mr. Okada, and Ruth Okada, aka Poker Queen.

When Dai's father and mother died, he was only two. He never got to know his parents, and was also never told what really happened them. The only parents he knew, were his grandparents, who had raised him. 

His grandfather's contribution to his upbringing was to put him in martial arts training as soon as he could walk, aside from that, he was much too busy running the "company". So it was really his grandmother who had raised him. She often told him stories about her and her husband's adventures, but of course her version differed from that of history.

When Dai became a teenager, he started to manifest powers similar to those of his grandparents, although less potent. This gave him the motivation to follow in their footsteps, so when he turned twenty, he asked to join his grandfather's team, the Society of Evil.  His grandfather refused, saying that he would not bury another of his lineage.

His grandmother, however, did help him behind the scenes. She had a costume made for him, along with throwing stars shaped like a spade from a deck of cards.

Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to see him in action, and after her death Dai took the name Poker Ace as a nod to his grandmother, and left for America, against his grandfather's wishes.

On America's streets, he has become an antihero waging war against those who commit violent crimes, especially against women or children.


Super strength: 
He has super strength able to lift 5 tons.

Super jump: He can jump as high as 5 stories, which is how he mostly gets around. 
Heightened senses:  He can sense danger before it happens.

Martial arts: Has been trained in various martial arts, and has learned to throw spade-shaped stars like shurikens.

Physical resistance: Like his granfather, his skin more resistant than normal, and can stop low calibre bullets.

Weaknesses: He is not fully invulnerable like his grandfather so even though rlow calibre guns can't penetrate his skin, high powered guns can.

Uses spade-shaped throwing stars that he can throw with great accuracy.