Character- Roguestar

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

Other picture: Roguestar full body

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Real Name: Kyle Stevenson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 22
Born in: Great Britain

Ethical alliance: Good


When Kyle was seventeen, he decided to quit school, finding it a waste of his time. His father, not pleased by his actions, told him that he wasn't going to have his son laying about not doing anything with his life, and the next day, he got him a job at the steel mill where he was working.

It was hard work but Kyle like it. He enjoyed the physical aspect of the job and as he saw his strength increase from the daily workouts, he was even more pleased.

Kyle would challenge strong men at feats of strength and for the most part, won the challenges. He sometimes felt like a superhero and when he was out, he often tempted fate with his recklessness. At home, however, he usually immersed himself in the fantasy worlds of comic books.

Being an avid comic book reader and collector, he often spent nights creating his own stories. His imagination was working overtime and his head was full of ideas. He wanted to give them life, to see his dreams take form on the page. So he learned to draw.

He was getting good a it and had started creating his own comic, but try as he might, he never quite excelled at the art. He was good, but not good enough. Eventually, he tucked his creations away and pursued something he knew he was good at, being carefree and chasing girls.

He loved having fun and the girls enjoyed his company and for the next few years, girls and fun was his life.

Then the world changed. The Guardian appeared and soon after, the being called Avatar Prime.

Avatar Prime had announced that he was going to establish a peace keeping force to protect the planet, and when the first of these protectors was introduced to the world, Kyle, and many like him, cheered at the news that superheroes were now a reality. And over the next few months, several new additions were introduced.

Who these people were, no one knew, but they had once been normal Humans who had been granted special powers. Why had these particular people been chosen? What set them apart from the others? Kyle wished he knew, and like many others around the world, wished he could join this elite group, this Gaia Force.

One night, as Kyle was leafing through his unfinished works, he picked up the picture of the hero he had started to write about. Roguestar was his name. "He would make a good addition to this Gaia Force." He muttered to himself. Feeling motivated, he decided to continue writing the story he had started and a few days later, his story was finished. Kyle was pleased, he had actually finished something he had started.

That was when he felt a presence take hold of him. His room disappeared and he found himself face to face with the Guardian. Kyle was standing on a platform but around him, were nothing but stars.

The Guardian told him that he had selected him to be a part of Gaia Force and after he explained what his mission would be, the Guardian disappeared. Kyle was now alone in the middle of space, but moments after, figures approched him. They were other members of Gaia Force.

"Welcome to the team!" The silver being said. "I am Silverlance and this is Hartree and Night Storm. And what shall we call you?"

Kyle looked at himself and saw he was wearing the costume he had created. He had become Roguestar.

As a member of Gaia Force, Roguestar was to patrol the solar system for signs of alien presence. Since the patrols could take weeks, all members were teamed up with another guardian. Roguestar was paired with Meridian and the two became best of friends as they both shared a love for fun and destruction. But although, their frienship was unmatched, Roguestar's heart turned to another of his peers.

He presently has a budding relationship with his fellow guardian, Hartree.


Energy blast: Roguestar can channel charged matter and expel it with extreme force from his hands. His ultimate attack is his Nova Blast, which releases a multi megaton blast. He can achieve this by releasing the blast from his entire body. 

Roguestar has learned to concentrate his blasts to such a degree that he can carve small rocks into figurines.

Indestructability: He can use his concussive blasts as power boosters allowing him to crash head first into virtually anything.

Energy resistance: Has high resistance to energy attacks and radiation. 

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, he can communicate with any intelligent life form. 

Super strength: 200 tons of lift.

Extended lifespan: 
Like all members of Gaia Force, he possesses long life.

Enhanced vision: Roguestar's visor allows him to see in every mode and like all members of Gaia Force, he can stare directly at the sun.

Self sustaining: Does not need to eat or drink.

Space travel: Can fly and travel inter-planetary distances.

Weaknesses: Needs time to recharge after using his Nova Blast attack.

Although he is virtually indestructible, Renshi still managed to incapacitate him by striking one of his nerve clusters.

Paraphernalia: Roguestar wears a helmet that allows him to detect various energy sources. Although the helmet looks confining, it does not obstruct his view and weighs almost nothing. Roguestar often forgets he’s wearing it