Team- The Unconventionals
Active Members:  

Echo  Ricochet  strong 1  Soul Walker    

Support members:

Zack  susan jenkins  Hardrive  

Team founder: Ricochet

Official team leader: Ricochet

Membership: Open to new members

Created by: Lawrenz Lano


The Unconventionals is a unique group of heroes. All of their members suffer from various disabilities but have managed to exhibit other abilities that enable them to fight on equal terms with regular heroes.

The team was started by Ricochet and Zack. Ricochet has a severe neural disorder and Zack is autistic, but both individuals also exhibit special abilities. For this reason, Ricochet decided to search for other gifted paraplegics and give them the opportunity to make a difference.

The facility that houses the Unconventionals is funded by various organizations and is staffed solely by people with disabilities. 


Membership requirements: To join the team as an active member, the applicant must have some type of uncanny ability but must also suffer from some form of disability.

Support and staff membership are offered only to people with disabilities.