Character- Aranha 

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Pictures: 

Real Name: Maria Finol
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Age: 22
Born in: Brazil

Ethical alliance: Good


Maria lived in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro alongside her older sister, Isadora, who was secretly the super villain Therma. Maria was known for her radiant spirit and love for adventure. She possessed a unique charm and a magnetic personality that drew people to her. Little did she know, however, that her older sister had plans for her. Isadora was an agent of the Crane Corporation, an organization obsessed with enhancing the human race through cruel experimentation.

Maria's fascination with spiders began to emerge when she was quite young. She would spend hours observing their elegant movements and intricate webs. The more she learned about these creatures, the more she admired their resilience and agility. She felt a deep connection with these incredible beings and developed an innate understanding of their behavior.

One night, Maria found herself attending a lively carnival in the heart of Rio. The city was brimming with excitement, music, and colorful costumes. While dancing and reveling in the festivities, her sister set her plan in motion. With the help of other agents, she kidnapped Maria.

Maria was shocked and heartbroken to learn of her sister’s betrayal, and the revelation that Isadora was the supervillain Therma, an enemy of Hyper Girl and the Valkyrie Squad.

Maria was take to one of the hidden facilities of the Crane Corporation, and experimented on by one of the scientists. She was injected with a strange liquid called Serum-Omega Beta, which was enhanced with the DNA of a Brazilian wandering spider. The process was painful, and was the most excruciating pain Maria ever felt, but she miraculously survived the procedure and gained new power.

Maria was given the name Aranha, meaning spider in Portuguese.

Aranha was in custody of the Crane Corporation until, she was rescued by the heroines, Thera, Oceania and Lady Istanbul. They broke her out of the facility, took down the guards and defeated the villainess, Therma.

After the escape, Aranha becoame close friends with Lady Istanbul, and became a full time member of the I.S.F. (International Superheroes Force).


Super strength: Aranha is capable of lifting at least 10+ tons, she is slightly stronger then Lady Istanbul.

Heightened senses: Aranha's senses enable her to react to attacks before they even happen, allowing her to dodge attacks.

Agility: She is several times more agile than an average human, as she can sense and dodge bullets.

Enhanced vision: Aranha can see more then the human eye.

Venom: Her claws and teeth are poisonous. They are capable of paralyzing and even killing her enemies, as well as, slow down their regenerative abilities. In addition Aranha’s blood is poisonous.

Toxin immunity: Her body is immune is poison.

Martial arts: Aranha is a skilled fighter, but her most proficient fighting style is capoeira

Physical resistance: Aranha is capable of surviving small explosions and falls from skyscrapers with minor injuries.

Weaknesses:  Despite having powers and abilities, Aranha is far from invincible and has clear limits. She isn’t bulletproof, and can be affected by knockout gas. She is also vulnerable to the cold, and it renders her poisonous abilities near useless.

 Thanks to a special serum, Aranha is capable of healing from gunshot wounds, knife stabs and broken bones.