Character- Hott Plate
hott plate

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

First appearance: 
Other Picture: 

Art by: VenneccaBlind

Real Name: Robert Talent
Hair: None
Eyes: Has no eyes except a red fiery glow
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 29

Nationality:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Robert Talent was a chef but unlike all those he knew, he worked in a most unique establishment. He had been privileged to be chosen to work for the superhero team, the Guardians of Creation. For 6 years, he had regaled them with his palatable dishes and as a result, had become friends with most of the team. But living with a team of super powered individuals was not always the safest of environments.

One day while he was preparing dinner he heard a commotion. He went to investigate and when he reached the main hall, saw his team's nemesis, The Society of Evil, attacking them. Without thinking, he ran to try and help and made the biggest mistake in his life. As he reached the heart of the battle, he got caught in one of Firedemon's fire blast and was badly burned in the process. Firedemon's hellfire continued burning even after it had been extinguished and Robert was dying.

Knowing that nothing could be done for him, Ro-Bowtix, the team's mechanical wiz, suggested using experimental cyborg parts to save his life. He had made them from a new alloy but had not had the opportunity to test them, but with Robert's life in the balance, they would be tested on him.

Ro-Bowtix replaced Robert's badly burned external and internal parts, saving his life, although, now, Robert was more machine than man. 

Robert told Firedemon that he did not blame him for what had happened. It had been his own fault for getting into a fight he wasn't prepared to handle. Getting too close to Firedemon had been his second mistake.

After months of rehabilitation, Robert began to master the mechanical parts but he also found out that he had gained certain abilities. Somehow, Firedemon's hellfire was still a part of him. It still burned within him but with the no flesh left to burn, it remained inside waiting to be released.

As he tested his new abilities, Robert took the name Hott Plate as a nod to his former profession. He now fights along side the Guardians and where once he used to cook great meals, now he cooks bad guys.


Cybernetics: His cybernetic parts form an armor around him. They also enhance his strength and resistance to damage.

Heat generation: Contrary to one might believe, Hott Plate does not use hellfire like Firedemon. Hellfire can only be wielded by nether beings. Rather, he uses the heat that the hellfire produces. He can increase his body temperature, making the metal of his body so hot, it will burn to the touch, searing anyone.

Optic beam: He can also release the heat inside him as concentrated heat rays, through his cybernetic eyes.

Physical and energy resistance: The special alloy his armor is made from, gives it a strong resistance to physical and energy attacks.

Super strength:  Hott Plate's cyborg parts have reinforced his body allowing him to lift as much as 70 tons.

Weaknesses: His armor possesses mini solar panels that allow it to recharge, but if he is without light for too long a time (over a 24 hour period) its power will run dangerously low, inhibiting Hott Plate's movements. 

Paraphernalia: Hott Plate uses a shield in battle because, mentally, it makes him feel safer. His shield is made of the same alloy as his armor and is highly resistant, bordering on invulnerable. 

Curiosities: Hott Plate loves to charge into battle knocking his opponents over while yelling;  "Watch it Hott Plate coming thru!"