Ian Cohen
-Support Character-
Ian Cohen

Created by: Samuel Bruch

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Ian Cohen full body

First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Ian Cohen
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot/ 3 inches

Age: 78
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Ian Cohan served on the ECPD for 50 years before super heroes hit the scene. He was so against the changing of the guard but so ingrained in the ECPD that the new board of directors put him in charge of the Diamond Dome as a PR move.

Ian's wife died in a giant monster battle fought by the American Way and since that day, his hatred of costumed heroes and villains runs deeper than most. It is for that reason that he assists and equips the Public Servants enabling them to confront the "capes" that run his city.

One of Ian's children was the late Keen-Eye who was married to the Committee of Heroes own Tension.


Ian is not an active member of the Public Servants but he has a vast knowledge of all the tech-based gear stored in the Diamond Dome.