Character- Poison Arrow
poison arrow

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

First comic book appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 

Other appearances:  
Power company 1/2 

Shadow Kings #1 (Coming soon)

Real Name: Song Kim
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 36

Country of Origin:  Korea

Ethical alliance: Evil


Song has trained in the orient most of her life to become a master ninja. Her preferred weapon is a custom bow with deadly poison tipped arrows that can either knock out a combatant for a short time or kill them within minutes, depending on which arrow she chooses.

Song currently works for Mr Okada who finances the current team of the Society of Evil. She is known to be a very deadly assassin and is responsible for killing many heroes, including Texas Two Gunn, Carrie A. Gunn's father.


Accuracy: She is extremely proficient with a bow and arrow, that she uses with deadly accuracy.

Martial arts: Song is an expert at all martial arts and is trained as a 6th level ninja.

Toxin resistance: She is an expert chemist and has become immune to the deadly poisons that she handles.

Physical perfection: She has trained to make her body as perfect as can be.

Weaknesses: If she loses or uses all of her healing potions she can be hurt or even die, although her lower level ninjas, having sworn to give their lives for her, have been known to do just that so that she could escape.

Paraphernalia: She uses a bow and arrows with deadly accuracy.  She also has poison tipped weapons on her forearms that she can extend past her wrist to slice someone, or they can be fired to hit their target.

Song has also made healing potions so if she gets injured, she can take them and be healed in moments. 

She also has lower level ninjas under her command that she will sometimes take into battle with her.

She uses a high speed stealth transport plane to get to where she needs to go.