Team- New Gaia Force
Active Members:  

Geomass  farpoint  Meridian    Soleil  warbot   

Reserve members:

arkahnus   caregiver  renshi  silverlance

Inactive members:

avatar prime  hartree  nicci  night storm  the guardian 

Team founder: Roguestar

Official team leader: Roguestar

Membership: Open to new members

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #6 (officially as a team)

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Official Site: Gaia Force Official Site


Gaia Force was originally created by the entity known as The Guardian. Their mission was to protect planet Earth, specifically Gaia, from its enemies but 300 years later, Gaia deemed that Gaia Force was no longer needed. The team disbanded and many left for other parts of the galaxy.

When the rogue guardian, Q'Aestor, attacked the Children of the Guardian, Geomass escaped and alerted Roguestar and Meridian. With the aid of their friend, Cardigan, they set out to reunite their old team, but not all members decided to return, many having started new lives for themselves.

Unlike the old Gaia Force, whose mission did not center on protecting humans, this new team does just that. Gaia may not need them anymore, but her children still do.

Membership requirements: Must be willing to protect Gaia's children.

Base of operations: Tapek, Andaleb IV