Team- The Liberators
Current Members:

Biorisk  Boom Girl  Flora  Peacemaker  Silver Flame

Team founder: Biorisk

Official team leader: Biorisk

Membership: Open to new members

Created by:  Sacador de Vuelta

The Liberators were formed when Biorisk and Silver Flame heard about an alien race experimenting with humans to create an alien army of super soldiers.

As they went to investigate, they came upon two humans in their path, one of which was a giantess. Thinking they were part of the aliens' super soldiers' force, they confronted them in battle but after a few moments, the fight ended when everyone involved realized they were here for the same reason.

The giantess introduced herself as Boom Girl and her colleague as Peacemaker. They told Biorisk that they had been searching for the alien's lair and had just found it.

With both teams working for a common goal, they decided to join forces.

Membership requirements: Anyone brave enough to face aliens with great technology and invulnerable skin may apply.