Character- Cop #2
Cop #2

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Cop #2  full body

First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Matthew Cameron
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 1 inches

Age: 41
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Sargent Matthew Cameron was a long time member of the Excelsior City Police Department. After the arrival of Agent Danger (A.K.A. Hero Complex Kid) , and the dawn of superheroes, The Stag placed Matthew and his partner, Officer Rockwell, in charge of being Agent Danger's handlers, and teaching him the ropes of police work.

Matthew had lost his wife to brain cancer one year prior to the age of heroes beginning. Giving Matthew the job of Agent Danger's handler was the Stag's way of getting Matthew out of his widower's rut. Unfortunately, while training the arrogant "Hero", Matthew developed a disdain for the entire hero culture that was taking the city by storm.

Five years later, during the disappearance of Excelsior City's own, American Way, Agent Danger took over the Committee of Heroes, and the relationship between heroes and public servants was at an all time bust. Public servants were being treated like sidekicks and cleanup crew that did paperwork, and they were sick of it.

After a humiliating day of being in the Committee of Heroes' shadow, the small group of public servants formed a plan. The Diamond Dome was a facility where  confiscated villain gear was stored prior to being catalogued. The servants set out to steal and use that uncatalogued gear and level the playing field with these so-called heroes. Matthew
chose the mach 4 suit of the Fight Knight

Under the label Public Servants, the group began to fight crime on their own terms. It soon became evident, however, that in order to fight the disease that was infecting the city, the group's focus would need to include the entire cat and mouse game of both heroes and villain. It was the only way to take back their city and make Excelsior City great gain.

Although he is unaware of that fact, Matthew is also the father of the anti-hero, Irony. He does not know that his daughter is one of the heroes he hates, nor does he know she is dating Agent Danger. 

Matthew's anti superhero conservative Hound News Views are often at odds with his daughter's superhero leftist views. 


Power armor: The Mach 4 Fight Knight Armor gives him a repertoire of skills  such as enhanced strength,  invulnerability, scripted banter, energy blasts, sword techniques, magnetic grip, survival instincts, weapon generation (extra sword), general boosts to abilities. 

Energy blast: His armor allows him to discharge blasts of energy.

Super strength: The armor enables him to lift in the vicinity of 60 tons.

Martial arts: Matthew Cameron has years of police combat, restraint, and tactical training. He is also an ex marine. His armor is programmed with wrestling moves and sword techniques.

Weaknesses: His ideals, hardheadedness, hubris, untreated PTSD and depression. 

Paraphernalia: In addition to his Mach 4 Fight Knight Armor he also carries a Power Sword, 9mm pistol, handcuffs and pepper spray.