Character- Heart Empress 
Heart Empress

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: 

Real Name: Regina Karalos
Hair: Purple (dark)
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5 foot 9 inches 
Age: 30
Born in: Greece

Ethical alliance:Evil


Regina Karalos was a normal girl, born to a small Greek family who belonged to the Cult of Aphrodite. Regina was raised to become the next Heart Empress, but the expectations from her family and those around her made her childhood somewhat difficult. She always felt that she was a tool of her parents and their cult, and she resented the burden they had placed on her.

Throughout history, there have been multiple incarnations of the Heart Empress, women who were granted powers from the Goddess Aphrodite. Their task, to spread love around the world. However, over the centuries, many Heart Empresses have turned their love into something dark and twisted.

Regina was frightened by the idea, but her parents didn’t care about their daughter’s protest. She would become the next Heart Empress for their own selfish desires.

At the age of 18, the Cult preformed the ritual on Regina.

As she became one with Aphrodite, Regina’s eyes and hair turned purple. Her beauty and seductiveness reach its peak, but then, something else in her changed. She began to see that ugliness was more prevalent in the world than she had first believed. She would start cleansing it, and began to do so by killing her parents. The look of surprise on their faces was beautiful to behold. This was the day Regina died and Heart Empress was reborn.

Heart Empress took control of the Cult of Aphrodite and began her goal of changing the world. Her tactics, however, brought her into conflict with many heroes around the world, and it was not long until she started to face the likes of Oceania, Thera, Psionica and Hyper Girl.


Super strength: Heart Empress is capable of lifting weights comparable to Demigods like Oceania and Thera, but doesn’t really rely on physical strength and prefers to rely on her magic and illusions.

Physical resistance: Heart Empress is almost as durable as Oceania and can withstand extreme physical attacks.

Magic: She can use magic in various ways, but is primarily skilled in the many forms of seduction.  

 Heart Empress can easily seduce others to her will, especially if her subjects find her attractive.

Mind control: This magic allows Heart Empress to manipulate the minds of others, it also allows her to alter senses to her liking, including emotions, feelings, and even memories. She can also activate this magic with a kiss. Her magic is so potent that she was able to control the Cult of Aphrodite from around the planet.

Illusion: Heart Empress can create near perfect illusions of whatever she desires. She uses this magic to lure her subjects or to manipulate them.

Energy blast: For offence, Heart Empress can fire magical energy blasts.

Flight: Heart Empress can fly and levitate.

Weaknesses: Her powers are less effective on those who are indifferent to her charms, while those with strong wills can resist her illusionary and seductive magic. 

Due to Heart Empress not being a true divine being or a demigod, her powers can be taken away, making her nothing more than a mere mortal. The source of the power comes from the Goddess Aphrodite, who can easily remove it, if she so wishes.

Other high level magic users like the Shadow Queen have been able to remove or suppress Heart Empress’s powers.