Team- Flashfire
Current Members (US division):  

Armory  Flashfire  Gravatara  Permafrost  Pulsar 

Members European Division:

Rox Star

Members Mid-Western Division
A.K.A. The Sentinals:

Empower  Lady Sentry    

Members under consideration:

Squall, Circuit, Tech

Non super powered members:

Dr. Keith Daymon- scientist
General Grove- SHAB liaison
Emily "Em" Drake- scientist/jet pilot
Maya- A.I. assistant 

Team founder: Flashfire

Official team leader: Flashfire

Membership:  Not open to new members

Created by:
 Matthew Becker

First appearance: Flashfire #1


Flashfire started out as a solo hero in the San Francisco Bay area and three years later, he teamed up with with Permafrost.

After being introduced to the son of General Grove, Dustin, who was recovering from the loss of his left arm and leg. Flashfire offered to build him prosthetic limbs. Reluctant to take what he thought was a pity offering, Dustin said he would only accept if he was allowed to join Flashfire in his mission. Flashfire agreed and Dustin took the hero name, Armory.

A little later, the Indian ambassador to the US brought her daughters to Flashfire for protection. They too had powers and they took the names, Gravatara and Pulsar. With five members under his watch, Flashfire rallied them into a cohesive unit and formed his team.

The team has no general mission other than to help where needed, but they only intervene when normal authorities cannot and request their help.

The team frequently comes into conflict with the Atlas Organization, a group bent on eliminating all superhumans.

While the team is based in San Francisco, they still take on missions around the world. In the course of their globe-trotting adventures, they have encountered several other superhumans.

Membership requirements: Flashfire was sporadically formed by a group of close knit friends and while there is no official way to join the team, they have frequent team ups and collaborations with other superhumans they have made contact with.