Team- The Sentinels

  Cyber Queen  galaxy  Purple Dragon  scarlet lotus  Shadow Fox  

Team founder: Cyber Queen

Official team leader: Cyber Queen

Membership: Open to new members

Created by:

The Sentinels were brought together by Cyber Queen and Galaxy. The two had always been friends but their friendship intensified when Galaxy suffered her accident. Cyber Queen, feeling responsible, became even more involved in her friend's life as she became her guide and mentor.

Cyber Queen eventually took another under her wing. The man who would become known as Comet was one of her patients and to keep him under observation, she invited him to join her.

In time, she started to work with Purple Dragon and her friend, Scarlet lotus and during an altercation with the members of The Firm, Purple Dragon was rescued by Shadow Fox.

The Firm had lost one battle but they were not about to give up. They had made it their mission to capture Purple Dragon and they were relentless in achieving that goal. Cyber Queen united her team of heroes to take on that threat and what looked like a temporary alliance became an effective remedy against the Firm and many other major threats.

The local media dubbed them "The Sentinels that protect our city".

Membership requirements: Membersghip is open to those who want to protect the innocents and contribute to the fight against evil force.