The following are comics featuring characters from the NHD. Check them out!
The characters who appear in each comic are depicted below them.

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The Return of Gaia Force #3

New Heroes Comics

Characters featured:  arkahnus  farpoint  Farut  Geomass  the guardian  Meridian  Q`Aestor  
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The Power Company #2

Coalition Comics/IronGate Comics

Characters featured: killer wail            

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Cop#2 Volume 2

Egocentric Comics / Advent Comics


Characters featured: Hero Complex Kid  Irony  Tension    Cop #2  Sassy Blaster  Inferal    Firefighter 1  Dumbstruck  Potshot  Ozaleck  Cop #3  


 Coming Soon 
Mr. Happy #1

Southern Comics

Characters featured: Mr Happy

 Coming Soon 
All Winners Society #2

IronGate Comics

Characters featured: Strength  Weakness  Lumberjax  statik  Maiden Japan  Rosie the Riveter  Minute Girl  Dr Frost  Leading Man  Philly Blunt  
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