The following are comics featuring characters from the NHD. Check them out!
The characters who appear in each comic are depicted below them.

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Egocentric Comics


Characters featured:  American Way  Dr War  Fight Knight  



Egocentric Comics / Advent Comics


Characters featured: Ian Cohen  Hero Complex Kid  Irony  Tension    Cop #2  Sassy Blaster  Inferal    Firefighter 1  Dumbstruck  Potshot  Ozaleck  Cop #3  

Committee of Heroes

Egocentric Comics

Characters featured: Hero Complex Kid  American Way  Irony  nostalgia  Tension  Weekend Warrior  

Global Defense Force #1-3+

Inkremental Studios



Characters featured: Manchine  Animal Teen  sonic soldier  white knight  Siege  Lotus Mandrake  


Vandora Zandra #1-3

Brown Brand


Characters featured: Phenom Girl 

The Traumatic Case of Patient 25

Creator's Edge Press

Characters: Cassandra course

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