The following are comics featuring characters from the NHD. Check them out!
The characters who appear in each comic are depicted below them.

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M.C.S. Comics

Characters featured: Bloodstripe 

Jagger #1+
Marky Comics



Characters featured:  Comminq  Delia Johnson  Heather Johnson  Hoax  Jack Knife  Lisa johnson  Madame Guardian  mr x  Rick Johnson  Sgt OBrien  Sunshine    Ultimate

Lex and Rex #1+
Marky Comics

Characters featured:  Cammi  john fulton  Kat  Layla Bronze  Leopard Woman  Lex  Mask  Mr Hero  Rex  Sideshock  Tiffany  Tootsie  

MoonShadow #o
Dark Elf Designs

Characters Featured: Moon Shadow

War of the Independants #3
Red Anvil

Characters featured: Moon Shadow

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Characters featured:   Kid Intense

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