Powers- Who Has What
            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

            Note: Some of the abilities portrayed here may not actually show up in the character's page if they are
                      part of another ability.   

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Macabre Hombre  Dead Mistress  Madame Guardian  

             Geokinesis: Geomass  Lava Dragon  Lord Stonecold  Monsor  Sada 

             Gliding: Colossal Woman  
Micron  Nite Fall  Q`Aestor  shadow  Shadow Fox  Scarlet  Soleil

             Gravity control: 
Anomaly  avatar prime  Collapsar  Gravatara  grimskull  the guardian  hartree  night storm  Manchine  Q`Aestor  Sting  UltraMan

             Guardian energy: arkahnus  avatar prime  caregiver  Collapsar  farpoint  Farut    Geomass  the guardian  hartree  Meridian  nicci  night storm   

         obsidian  offset  psylash  
Q`Aestor    renshi    Rubikhon  silverlance