Powers- Who Has What
            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

            Note: Some of the abilities portrayed here may not actually show up in the character's page if they are
                      part of another ability.   

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Allastor  Aradia  Cry Fowl  Destiny  Doctor Spectral    Inquisitor Diz  Jessica  Karen the summoner  Kiara Krampus  Macabre Hombre  Magiz  Mardi Gras  Marinette  Morganna   

             Heart Empress  Mourning Star  Papa Blanc  Purple Dragon    Rift Walker  Shadow Queen  Spell Weaver  Yokai   

             Magic immunity:    

             Magic resistance: Huntsman  Mardi Gras  

             Magic sensing: Inquisitor Diz  white knight  

             Magma manipulation: Lava Dragon  Lord Stonecold