Powers- Who Has What
            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

            Note: Some of the abilities portrayed here may not actually show up in the character's page if they are
                      part of another ability.   

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           Ice blast: Allastor  Cassandra Storm  Dr Frost  Helena Frost  Permafrost  SnowMaiden   

             Illusion: Street Justice  

             Immortality: Dead Mistress  Gambler  the guardian  Inferal  Jolly Roger  Krampus  Monsor  Noose Fingers  Titan  white knight    

             Instant heal/repair: caregiver  Dr Iniquitous  Gambler  Jack Knife  Mr Smith  Photon  white knight  wildclaw  

             Indestructibility: Adonis  American Way  Baby New Year  Biomass  Crusher  Fear Keeper  meridian  Mr Hero  Mr Okada  Photon    shadow  UltraMan  Victorina

             Intangibility: All Hallows Eve  Destiny  Gavin Reynolds  Jolly Roger  Moon Shadow  night storm  Positron  Pulsar  shadow  Siege  Silver Ghost  Soul Walker  

             Invisibility:  All Hallows Eve  Corrupt Scion  Darqueen  Destiny  the guardian  hartree  Klandestine  Moon Shadow  Pink Starlight  Shadow Hero  Silver Ghost  Soul Walker  stool pigeon

             Invulnerability: American Mom  Anomaly  avatar prime  Crime Smasher  Empower  Fight Knight  Iron Mummy  Kid Intense  Mentalist  mistress menace  Mourning Star  nicci  Q`Aestor  renshi   

silverlance  StarJack  Titan  Ustara  Weekend Warrior