Powers- Who Has What
            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

            Note: Some of the abilities portrayed here may not actually show up in the character's page if they are
                      part of another ability.   

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Arsenal  Bonsai  Dr Frost  Empower  Lava Dragon  Psionica  Purple Dragon  Spell Weaver  StarJack  white monk  

             Life drain: caregiver  Corrupt Scion  Darqueen  Destiny  Huntsman  Jessica  Kristinara  Macabre Hombre  Marinette  Omega2  Shadow Queen 

             Light projection: Brightmind  Gavin Reynolds  Golden Gauntlet  hartree  Pink Starlight  Soleil  Radium Ray  Sintilla  Strobe  UltraMan  

Lightning blast: Anya Storm 
Dingo  Hurricane  Kiara  Lady DarkStorm  Lightning  Miss Zzap  Razor Fin  Rox Star  statik  Thor`s Assassin  Thunder  Voltage