Powers- Who Has What
            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

            Note: Some of the abilities portrayed here may not actually show up in the character's page if they are
                      part of another ability.  

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             Energy blast: Akrera  All Hallows Eve  Allastor  American Way  Anomaly  Anya Storm  avatar prime  Avenging Rainbow  Barricade    Brightmind    Cop #2  Corrupt Scion  Cyber Queen 

Dark Priest  Deathangel  Dr War  Dreadhelm  Empower  Fight Knight  Firedemon    Gavin Reynolds  galaxy  Gravatara  Grey Fox  Golden Gauntlet  grimskull  the guardian  Hott Plate  hartree  

             Huntsman  Inferal  Iron Clad  Jessica  Kid Intense  Killer Sting  Kristinara  Lady DarkStorm  Lieutenant J  Lightning  Manchine  Mentalist  Midnight Star  Miss Fire  Miss Zzap  mistress menace  Moon Shadow   

             Morganna  Mothgirl  night storm  Novastar  orion  Professor Fallout  Positron  Pthirus  Purple Dragon  Q`Aestor  Radium Ray  Razor Fin    Rox Star  Rubikhon  Shadow Queen  silverlance 

             Scarlet  sonic soldier  StarJack  statik  Sting  strobe2  Soul Walker  Sunshine  Tal  Thunder  Titan  UltraMan  Victorina  Voltage  warbot  War Patriot  White Energy